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Yucca Mountain THE YUCCA MOUNTAIN NUCLEAR WASTE REPOSITORY After much research and reading about the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste and repository, I have gained much knowledge of the situation. I will share with you the facts and what I have learned researching this topic, as well as the pro?s and con?s and my favorite part, my personal opinion.

One would hope that they would find this topic an interesting topic. The controversial issue that is occurring with the Yucca Mountain area is not weather its right or wrong, but more of what we should do with our nuclear waste and where to store it. ?In July 2002, president Bush signed a bill designating the Yucca Mountain site for development as a repository for the disposal of spent nuclear fuel and high-level radioactive waste? (http://www.orcwm.

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order now A valley not too far away from ?Sin City? aka Las Vegas, Nevada, there is a remote desert where Yucca Mountain is in for consideration for storing nuclear waste. The U.

S. Department of Energy began to study in this area in 1978 to determine whether it would be a decent place to contain the nation?s first long-term geologic repository for spent nuclear fuel yucca, waste, nuclear, mountain, water, repository, one, disposal, people, thing, should, radioactive, issue, feet, through, spent, scientists, put, place, much, keep, high-level, going, fuel, city, around, about, years, very, table, surface, really, policy, however, don?t

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