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Youtube In school BY Jdelr75 YouTube In School Almost every student and teacher has come across the YouTube ban. In Just about every school in the nation,the website, YouTube is banned. Most students are frustrated and find the YouTube ban illogical. YouTube is a great resource for students and teachers alike, it can help them both learn and teach. Allowing the site could greatly improve the way a student is educated. Many people believe that youtube should be allowed in school, and not all of them are students who want to use it to mess around. There are many useful videos on YouTube that are being kept from the youth of America.

There is a wide variety of how-to, instructional and other educational videos students could use for projects and research. YouTube could also let students express their creativity through projects that could be viewed by the public. Many educational websites use youtube videos to support the things that are taught in the classroom. An example of this is Khan Academy, which is one of the leading math websites and its owner, Salman Khan, a graduate of MIT and Harvard Business School, teaches a variety of math lessons through “hands on experience” and by doing the lesson in YouTube videos, which teachers and students don’t have ccess to.

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Many social studies/ history videos could aid history teachers in their lesson plans, such as videos from the History Channel, while keeping the kids entertained and still educating them. Many people who believe that youtube should not be allowed in school think that access to the site would simply distract students from their learning experience. The presence of videos that have non-educational, inappropriate, violent or explicit content may cause them to believe that. Students could possibly watch videos such as those during school hours that could distract them, or teach them something not up to par to the DOE standards.

Some argue that students or teachers could use it as a form of cyber-bullying and an invasion of privacy. A video could be made putting down a teacher, student or group of students. A video like this could easily be shared and spread through the campus and students. Some videos may show students that did not want to be seen by the public, or their parents didn’t want their child to be “put on display’. So should YouTube be allowed in schools all around America? I think that the pros of allowing youtube heavily outweigh the cons and that it should be allowed in school.

Many will argue hat it will not go well but I think that if the staff and faculty of the school monitored the use of the site by the students then any misuse could be prevented and/or stopped. I know that this is a controversial topic and others may have different opinions, so I hope I helped you make up yours. Bibliography http:,’/’. npmn. ‘. nytimes. com/2012/03/10/education/youtube-finds-a-way-off-schools- banned-list. html? pagewanted=all&_r=o http://people. cornellcollege. edu/MNeef12/ blocked/l I] http://acrawford24. wordpress. com/2012/09/23/youtube- in-schools-shou ld- it- be- allowed-as-a-teaching-tool/

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