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Youth Gang Explosion I found this to be very interesting when considering the origins of youth gangs. I was not awareof the popularity and rivalries that had been established about break dancing. To be honest, Iwasn?t even aware that there were break dancing competitions.

What I found so interestingabout this is that here was a group of kids whose agenda was far from the gang agenda that Ipicture in my head. When I pictured the origin of gangs, I have the image of a strong, aggressive man thatuses predatory tactics to gain the compliance of others. The gang is formed and begins tooperate in accordance to the leaders demands.

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This could have not been further from the truth. These drill teams were concerned with only winning break dancing competitions. Sure theircompetitiveness led to fights with other drill teams but they hardly carried the mentality that isassociated with youth gangs. It wasn?t until others began to call them gangs that they actuallybegan to act like modern gangs.

It is important to realize the importance of placing labels on others. This is especiallyrelevant in the aggressive policing tactics being used in the inner cities. Today we gang, gangs, members, community, youth, because, being, city, out, very, themselves, black, underclass, leaders, book, make, able, trust, police, milwaukee, considered, about, school, one, neighborhoods, money, inner, group, further, began, within, time, schools, just

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