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Youth Culture

Youth Culture

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With respect to youth culture, public schooling today involves developing a school community. Peer groups play an important role in this. According to Alderman (2000), they can influence the motivation and learning of students. This influence can be positive or negative.
Most students experience a ?sense of school membership.? This occurs when a student feels accepted, respected, included, and supported in the school (Alderman, 2000). As a student feels accepted or a sense of belonging, they will adopt the goals and values of the school. Not feeling accepted can lead to students rejecting the school?s goals, resulting in skipping classes or dropping out of school altogether.
According to Alderman (2000), there are four factors that establish social bonds to a school:
o Attachment- The student has an emotional tie with adults/peers in school.
o Commitment- Hope for the future that leads to achieving goals in school.
o Involvement- Involvement in academic and nonacademic activities.
o Belief- Student?s belief that an education is important.
At the same time, children want to be accepted by their peers. School is a place for them to be with their friends. If their friends feel a sense of school membership odds are that

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