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You Move Me Sometimes people go through life in what is seemingly a coma. These same people walk the earth in a bubble-like habitat, emotionally unattached and physically drained. If to ask one of these people what was wrong, more than likely no answer that made any sort of sense would be given. The characteristic that these individuals all may have in common however is a lack of love.

The song, ?You Move Me? by Garth Brooks, tells the story of one of these loveless individuals, before and after touched by love. Sometimes in life, people come across a person who will allow them to see a broader perspective of life. Love can bring a new perspective to the meaning of life. If one has nothing in their life keep them going, to give them drive and reason to life, the world can be a miserable place. In the beginning of the song, Brooks points out how life can be with the absence of love. This is how it seems to me Life is only therapyReal expensiveAnd no guarantee (1-4)This outlook on life can be attributed to the fact that there is nothing in this poor souls life that life, love, people, song, one, move, just, world, through, out, brooks, without, understanding, seeing, perspective, now, new, never, looking, look, lines, initial, however, fire, emotions, courage, burning, after, years, words, woman, until, understand, two, true

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