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You are in the mall with your mom picking clothes for school. The next day you get an email   from your school saying order this and a link under. When you go on the link you see a uniform for $30 but the other day you got a $100 worth of clothes and you are crushed. So if kids didn’t wear school uniforms then they would be able to express themselves, it saves parents the extra time and work and lastly it saves you and your family money. My first reasons why kids should not wear school uniforms is that they won’t be able express themselves. Actually ½ of the kids that  go to school school make friends by looking at other people’s shirts. For example if one person likes pokemon and some kid wears a pokemon shirt that person and the person who is wearing the shirt can  talk about it and then  they will talk to each other and then bam. So if more schools let kids wear regular clothes and not uniforms maybe it might go from ½ the kids making friends by being able to express themselves  to  ¾ of the kids. One more thing is that not wearing uniforms allow kids to feel unique. For example if kids went to school and they all wore the same thing then since they all will kind of look the same. So if the teacher calls you someone else over and over then that student  might think they are just the same as that person. Maybe if kids didn’t have to wear school uniforms then other kids around the world will be able to feel unique and be able to show their true colors. Another reason why kids should not wear school uniforms is because it saves parents the  extra time and work. Parents already work so hard so if a  parent and had to wash  their kids clothes every day that would be annoying. Another example is that of you were poor and you couldn’t afford a washing machine and you had to go old school and hang your clothes on a liner it would take like 30 minutes to get everything. Then  to dry it will take 2-3 hours to dry and if there is no sun maybe 3-4 hours. So if kids didn’t wear school uniforms it would help the parents and the people who are poor and don’t have the same luxury as some people ( washing machines).Parents work for like 3/7 of the day so if they had buy a uniform for $30.00 that would be a lot of money especially if you want to get multiple uniforms. For the people who can’t afford  and there are no schools nearby the only thing that they could do is to move and if they can’t afford a uniform how can they afford a house. The only other thing they can do is get a night shift so that would be from 3/7 of the day to like 6/7 of the day. So if kids did not have to wear school uniforms then parents could take a little bit more of a break. The last reason why kids should not wear school uniforms is that it cost a lot of money.It cost 33.00 dollars to get a uniform and people usually need multiple uniforms. Every year kids grow a little bit taller and if you need to buy a uniform every year because the uniforms might be smaller. So for like 3 years that would be 210 dollars if you get two every year. Also the parent will get very stressed because they have so much bills like mortgage and the bills from the car and also the current bill. So after all of that the barley are able to put food on the table.Then they will have to buy multiple uniforms like for a 100 dollars. Maybe if they got too much pressure on them they might go insane. Kids should not wear school uniforms because uniforms allow kids to express themselves, it saves parents the extra work and time and lastly it saves families a lot of money. In a couple of years hopefully school uniforms will disappear and kids inner souls can come out. Also when kids don’t have to wear school uniforms parents can be a little bit more free to.That’s why kids should not wear school uniforms.

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