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Yoga 1.) The first of the eight limbs of yoga is Yama (restraints), Ahisma: nonviolence, Satya: commitment to truth , Asteya: non-stealing, and Bramacharya: redirecting sexual energy.

The second part of the limbs is Niyama (observances), Shauca: purity, Santosha: contentment, Tapas: discipline, enthusiasm, Svadhaya: scriptural/literal study, and Ishvarapranidhanad: surrender. The third limb is Asana, which are the postures. Fourth is Pranayama, which is breath control or control of life force. Fifth is Pratyahara, the withdrawing from the mind from sense of perception. Sixth is Dharana (concentration). Seventh is Dhyana, which is meditation.

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The eighth and final one is Samadhi, the superconsciousness. For the time being, I intend to practice asana because I find it easier to focus on the physical benefits that the asanas provide. If I said that I practice yoga rather than asana I would be wrong because to practice yoga fully, I feel that I would have to have a better understanding of yoga philosophy and breathing techniques. When I am in my postures, I still find it hard to breath in a slow controlled way; especially when I?m in a challenging pose. 2.

) The Yamas are Ahisma, Satya, Asteya, and Bramacharya. Ahisma is non-violence, kindness and yoga, body, system, through, force, breath, asana, truth, tapas, svadhaya, semester, satya, santosha, practice, postures, move, ishvarapranidhanad, earth, control, breathing, bramacharya, asteya, ahisma, yielding, yield, surrender, support, speech, shaucha, purity, part, out, non-stealing, mind, meditation, limbs

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