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Yellowstone National Park BY Silva25 Yellowstone National Park is the world’s first national park founded in 1872. It is located in the state of Wyoming and extends into Montana and Idaho. Amazingly, this park is big enough to be its own state. It measures over 2 million acres in size, making this park larger than both Rhode Island and Delaware combined. Yellowstone is not your ordinary park, and its benefits to humanity are truly significant. With millions of visitors each year, Yellowstone is an extraordinary attraction.

Its scenery nd wildlife are truly remarkable. Within the park there are hundreds of trails and hidden pathways for hikers to explore. There are multiple fishing areas and picnic areas as well. The park has multiple campgrounds, museums, and there are even driving roads for visitors to drive through for park viewing at their own comfort. Yellowstone is also opened in the winter months where visitors can enjoy skiing and snowmobiling. There is Just about something fun for everyone all year round. Yellowstone National Park contains the world’s largest ecosystem.

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There are 7 different types of species, 67 other mammals, 322 species of birds, 16 species of fish, 1,100 species of native plants, and more than 200 species of exotic plants that live there . National parks, including Yellowstone, are of tremendous value because of their vast beneficial resources. These parks provide the largest source of ecosystem services, biodiversity conservation, and as well as recreation. The natural ecosystems in these protected areas provide food security, they maintain the quality of our water, and regulate our climate.

The ecosystem also plays a role in disease control as many of our antibiotics are made from plants. These protected areas also play an important role in maintaining human health. Conducted studies showed that nature served as a curative therapy to those suffering mental illnesses and improved cognitive functioning. Other studies showed that hospital patients were able to recover faster from surgery and illnesses when exposed to nature. The studies also showed that experiences with nature can encourage walking and biking and that it elps boost a human’s level of activity overall.

The study also concluded that an experience with nature helped to strengthen the activities of the right hemisphere of the brain, thereby restoring harmony, relaxation, and serenity. In general, nature constitutes a restorative environment . Protected public lands, including Yellowstone play an important economic role for local communities. Tourists, visitors, and Jobs related to nearby public lands contribute billions annually to the regional economy. It also creates hundreds of thousands of private sector Jobs. The National Park n local gateway regions (within roughly 60 miles of the park).

Visitors staying outside the park in motels, hotels, cabins and bed and breakfasts accounted for 56% of the total spending. Half of the spending was for lodging and meals, 19% for gas and local transportation, 10% for amusements, 8% for groceries, and 13% for other retail purchases . On the whole, national parks including Yellowstone have many ecological, individual, and economic benefits. These protected areas are beneficial to humanity by providing a wide range of ecosystem services, biodiversity conservation, as well as ecreation.

It plays an important role in maintaining human health and contributes billions of dollars to the economy. Furthermore, people should visit Yellowstone for a once in a lifetime experience. Clay, R. A. (2001, 4). Green is good for you. Retrieved from American Psychological Association: apa. org Stynes, D. D. (2001). Retrieved from mgm 2 impact: http:// wmw. mgm2impact. com/ Yellowstone media. (n. d. ). Yellow Stone National Park. Retrieved 10 8, 2013, from Yellow Stone National Park website: Yellowstonenationalpark. com

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