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Do not popularize any work; do not collaborate with other students to write any portion of the report or to construct graphs or tables, as this will constitute violation of the academic integrity policy. Note that the maximum penalty for violating the academic integrity policy is a zero for the course. 4. The report is due at the beginning of Lab 11 (Cell Reproduction), during the week of 11/10- 11/14. There will be a 5-point late penalty assessed if the report is not submitted at the beginning of lab. Further, there will be a 5-point penalty assessed for each day the report is late. The report is worth 25 points.

E- mailed or faxed reports will not be accepted. You must have a paper copy of the report when you come to lab. 5. The report should be based solely on yeast cell viability at different glucose incinerations. 6. The report should include the following: title, abstract, introduction, methods & materials, results, and discussion. 7. The report format should be similar to that presented below, or to that of the sample lab report that is posted on Blackboard. There should be no title page. TITLE Title should accurately and adequately describe the content of the report. It should be centered on the page.

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Your name should appear below the title, then your lab section number, and your lab instructor’s name. See example below. Appropriate Title Relevant to Content of Report Student Name Section Number Instructor Name Abstract. The abstract should provide the reader a brief summary of the experiment (what you did, why you did it, what you found, and what the findings mean). The abstract should be about 250 words. It should include the purpose of the study and name(s) of organism(s) used; a brief description of the methods and materials used; the key results (including data); and the key conclusions drawn from the results.

The abstract, unlike the rest of the report, is to be singleness’s. See example below, and sample lab report on Blackboard. Abstract Example. The experiment was conducted to determine the effect of age on chlorophyll levels in species X leaves. Leaves were collected from plants grown in a greenhouse at ICC under a photodiode of 13 hrs light/ 1 1 hrs dark. Chlorophyll was extracted using methanol, and chlorophyll levels were measured at 653 NM and 666 NM using a spectrophotometer. Chlorophyll levels were significantly higher in younger leaves than in older leaves (p Cite at least three sources for the background information (examples of citations are given below). At least one source must be a journal article. State the purpose of the experiment. State the null hypothesis. Information in this section of the report must be presented in this sequence: background information, purpose of the experiment, null hypothesis tested. [Note that the background information should be presented in your own words. Do not quote directly from a source; instead, summarize the work in your own words and use a citation. CITATIONS: When you use information from a textbook, lab manual or an article in a published journal, you need to cite the source of the information. When you cite the source of information in the report, you give the name(s) of the author(s) and the date of publication. See examples below. For one author, the citation should be as follows: Standard metabolic rate (SMS) increases with body size in male house crickets (Hack, 1997). For two authors, the citation should be as follows: Daphnia are an important prey resource for many invertebrate and vertebrate predators (Mills and Fernery, 1983).

For three or more authors, the citation should be as follows: Jumping ability in fleas is correlated with resting metabolic rate (Karakas et al. , 2004). METHODS AND MATERIALS Describe what you did in the experiment, and include methods and materials used. Do not include any results, just describe what you did, not what you found. Lastly, include the following statement, which addresses the statistical method used to analyze the data: A chi-square median test was used to test for differences in viability among treatments.

The methods should be written in past tense, and should provide enough detail to allow another experimenter to replicate/repeat the experiment. [No points will be awarded if the methods are not written in past tense. ] RESULTS Present the results of the study in paragraph form. Do not include methods or an interpretation of the results. Include relevant data, and table(s) or figure(s)/ graph(s) displaying these data, and refer the reader to the table(s) or figure(s) [e. G. , Average chlorophyll levels were 0. 95 MGM/g in younger leaves and 0. 6 MGM/ g in older leaves (Figure 1)]. State whether the data differ significantly or not, and provide the probability (p) value. Note that each table or figure should be numbered, should have a brief description of what’s contained within, should have labels for the columns or axes, and should have units of measurement. Each table or figure should be on a separate page (i. . , one table or figure on a page?see sample report on Blackboard). The page(s) containing the table(s) or figure(s) should be placed at the end of the report?see sample report.

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