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Yeah, Right, Whatever! Yeah, Right, Whatever!A young teenage girl dressed all in black turned the corner. She had chains hanging down the side of her black, baggy jeans. What?s the first thought that went through your mind Have you ever seen a nicely dressed young lady surrounded by a group of teenagers who have multiple piercings and green hair Did you think that it was probably a group of thugs or even worse Have you sat down and talked with a teenager lately If so, you may have understood what he or she was talking about, but it?s entirely possible that you did not. With having said all this, what do you think when you see teenagers today Teenagers are stereotyped for many reasons.

Some of the most common reasons are their appearance, their friends, and even the way they talk. Crystal, my 16-year-old daughter, is obsessed with the color black. She always has been. 75% of her clothing is black, she has several bottles of black nail polish, and she even has two black cowboy hats. This in itself is not really a problem for us, but for other?s it seems to be a black, way, friends, think, teenagers, english, crystal, because, stereotyped, piercings, know, just, hair, good, even, dressed, been, about, young, whom, what?s, whatever, two, totally, time, thought, should, several, reasons, really, problem, probably, other?s, makes, judged

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