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Topic: Write a review of a play from the perspective of a stagehand. 23 April 2008 It is the night of the first performance and everyone is nervous especially the stage hand because, it is my Job to make sure that everything is in order. we have to keep everything in order and take the actors and actresses to their entrances when it is their queue.

We as stagehands have to keep all the props organized and if one prop goes missing it is our fault.In all my years of experience, The Theater and Two River production of Macbeth was the most complicated play to produce. The usage of blood as a stage emblem is over exaggerated, but it is a good way to show the theme of guilt in this play. The original version of Macbeth was presented in the early 1600’s; our version of Macbeth is very similar. Our porter scene was a comic relief yet it was an intermission for the actors to get ready for the next act after all the intense and suspenseful scenes Just before.The porter made the audience feel that they were inside the play because he involved them within it. In addition, the witches looked like mummies to reflect “Speak if you can. What are you? “(l .

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3. 50) the curiosity and identity the witches look like they are from an evil realm, so we as stagehands made the witches look different and unearthly. In the first performance of “Macbeth” in the early 1600’s they used trap doors to reflect, the supernatural powers of the witches.We have drifted a bit off of the original, but in the end, it is the same exact play with Aaron Posner’s touch. Making the blood is the most difficult because we use so much of it that we easily run out, but that’s my Job.

Every director sees each play differently and I did not expect this performance to use this much blood because I’m the one who has to clean it all up. We have to run back and forth cleaning backstage from all the blood and getting it off the costumes.The blood contains red paint and a bit of detergents, Just to make it easier for us to get the blood off the costumes. We have to maintain a calm environment backstage so we will have a good performance. The way Lady Macbeth convinces her husband to commit the murder is very ggressive, but she makes it sound as if she were supporting him and she will always be there to catch him, Just like at the banquet, guilt took over him when he saw the ghost of Banquo and Lady Macbeth was there to tell her guests that he was drunk.

This shows us a modern married couple not as a married couple in the early 1600’s. This performance was spectacular the entire cast were great people to work with they never wanted to be more than actors in this play because of the full energy that they gave. Write a review of a play from the perspective of a stagehand. By zaid_peter

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