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 Wristwatches are considered a prized possession as they represent elegance, fashion and individuality. Not only does it provide the time, it also provides a worthy accessory for someone who longs for individuality in their fashion style. There are several types of watches to suit everyone’s fancy. But no type is more elegant and natural as wooden watches.

This type of watch is the kind of which that is an environmentally friendly product as it is absolutely made from natural raw materials. It will stand the test of time as its durability is far above any watch made from other materials. And if you talk about wooden watches, you will never miss the products made by Ovi Watch. Wooden watches from OVI watches are currently worn in 35 countries around the world.

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That is how widely patronized they are due to their quality and elegance. Our wooden watches are made from carefully handpicked materials that are of highest quality. There is wide range of choice of materials and OVI watches can be made of elm, cherry-tree, walnut, and also in teak versions with calfskin straps. All of these materials are very lightweight; you’ll feel like you’re not even wearing a watch if you wear one from OVI.

Apart from this range of materials, OVI watches also offers Swiss watches and they are one of the most important items in their product line.But why does OVI stress importance on their Swiss watches product line? First of all, Swiss made watches are some of the most highly regarded watches around the world due to their precision and elegant workmanship. They cannot be called a Swiss watch if they do not adhere to the provisions of the law passed in August 1992. A Swiss watch can only be considered Swiss made if they have undergone the following:·       Its movement is made in Switzerland·       Its movement is cased in Switzerland·       The manufacturer carries out the final inspection of the watch in Switzerland On the other hand, a watch can be considered Swiss movement if they pass the following:·       The movement is assembled in Switzerland·       The movement is inspected by a manufacturer in Switzerland·       At least 50% of the components of the watch should have originated in Switzerland This is how important a Swiss watch it is, thus OVI ensures that their Swiss watch product line adheres to all the provisions and guidelines before being regarded a Swiss watch. With Ovi watches, you can be assured that any watch coming from them that bears “Swiss” as part of its emblem, you can be assured of its authenticity and that you have nothing to worry about, as it is truly a Swiss watch. All in all, OVI watches stand out from any other watch brand due to their strong stance on the Swiss emblem through adhering to the laws and provisions, as well as the wooden materials that create uniqueness, and the lasting effect that anyone deserves.  

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