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World Music Vs.

Pop Music ?A Cultural War? Exploring new cultures through music can fascinate the mind. I have experienced culturaldiversity on a first hand basis in some of my college courses. I have learned diversity is important and essential for cognitive skills, especially with teens and young children. Introduction to different styles of music can produce new ideas and even integrate newexperiences with traditional thought processing. As the teens grow and develop and their abilityto make decisions increases, certain precautions should be taken when dealing with theconsequences of their decisions such precaution as music awareness. The purpose of this essay is to establish a difference in the amount of available music inwhat?s hot (pop) and what is not (world music).

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Also to emphasize the possible dangers that cancapture minds, not only of teens but of everyone. As I conducted my research I couldn?t helpnotice the vast difference between the world music sections and the pop music sections invirtually every store I visited. Many questions flooded my mind as I noted these differences. When considering music, kids decide on which type of music such as rap, rock, alternative, andetc.

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