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World Creation Theories

There are many different views on the creation of the world and its peoples. Some of these documents from different civilizations have been saved and written down in order to show others their beliefs. Five of these creation stories are found in our book given to us to study and read. The first creation story was written by Quiche? Indians of Central America. It was written down about the sixteenth century after the arrival of the Spaniards but has been an orally passed down story ever since the emergence of this group. They are believed to be descendants of the Mayan tribes once located in Central America. Their story is called ?Popul Vuh.? The native Andean peoples of South America wrote the second creation story. It was also an oral story passed down from generation to generation and started by the Checas tribe living in Huarochiri, or present day Peru. The Spaniards also took over their empire in conquering their tribe and took an interest in this creation story. Therefore, the creation story is partly written by the Spanish missionaries or priests that settled in the area. This was

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