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Groups/Teams Implication Paper When it comes to working in groups, I wouldn’t say that would be my first choice. In my past experiences in working in groups there haven’t been very many pros to doing so. I will say however that working in groups gives you the opportunity to learn a person’s work habits and behavior (whether good or bad). It also gives you the opportunity to learn more about that person(s) as an individual. From my experiences there have been several cons to come out of working in a group.Although we ended up with a good grade on the project, the waiting on other’s material, trying to get everyone to meet at the same time, etc.

was very nerve racking. It’s very difficult to work in a group where the mindset of each individual is different. The care and concern for the course and/or project is not the same for each individual. Not to mention if there are negative personal feelings among some or all of the group members. These are some of the issues I’ve found myself to be faced with in the past when working in a group. All it takes is that “one” person to affect the outcome of the entire group.

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I believe that smaller groups work better than larger groups. I’ve had the opportunity to work in both and things were much smoother and easier with the small group. Small groups of two or three are easier to have meetings with whether it be face to face, telephone or virtual (i. e. Skype).

The work load may be heavier however with a smaller group it’s easier for everyone to pull together to assist one another. With larger groups, four or more, time becomes a factor of when everyone can meet. Information may not be communicated correctly or completely if given to a few of the members here or there.

The review time before submitting the final project may be affected because you have to wait for everyone to submit their part and depending on what other things they may have going on it might prevent them from doing so in a timely fashion (or as fast as you would like them to). In a smaller group you wouldn’t have to worry about someone taking on the leadership role to keep things organized and in order as much as you would a larger group. Working in large groups tends to have a larger diversity (i. e. gender, age, experience) that could lead to conflict and even social loafing.

These are just a few things I’ve experience in working with groups during my educational years. In regards to working in teams, I would much rather work in a team than a group. In a team you work together through a coordinated effort. You the individual are held accountable for your performance and input. For example there are a number of “teams” that make up the Public Relations firm that I work for.

There’s the Online Team, the Insight Team, the HR Team, etc. We also have the Accounts Receivable Team, Accounts Payable Team, and Billing Team & Corporate Team. These four teams make up the Accounting Team.I consist of the Accounts Receivable team. Although there is an Accounts Receivable Manager who is a part of the AR team, I am the one responsible for all AR related efforts.

I cannot blame my supervisor if the incoming payments don’t get applied. I cannot blame her if the collection calls/emails do not go out. Those are a part of my duties as part of the Accounts Receivable team. Here’s another example, within the Billing Team there are 7 billers.

Each biller is responsible for their own set of unbilled (bills ready to be approved by the Project Managers and sent to the client).The Billing team as a whole has a set dollar amount for the unbilled to stay under and within that number each biller is responsible for a certain amount. If one or two of the billers did not meet their goal, the entire team is not responsible as it would be with a group. When it comes to groups and teams I would prefer to work in a team any day. With teams you are more willing to work together to accomplish the task at hand and more willing to help one another. With a group it’s more or less every man for them self and “hope” that everyone pulls their weight so that the entire group is not affected negatively.

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