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Work in a business environment 1 . 1) at work is so that you are able to get tasks completed quicker and you help each other succeed and learn new things this then helps to build better work relationships and it creates unity amongst the team. 12) Explain the purpose of helping other people to work effectively and efficiently a) for individuals b) for organizations Helping other people to work improves productivity, creates good employment relations and improves morale.

It increases productivity, helps love problems quickly so that deadline are met and creates a better working environment. Working with other people helps us to Communicate effectively with other people, because it gives you opportunities to work with other people. Share work goals and plan work objectives, priorities and responsibilities together. Work in a way that makes best use of your abilities and the abilities of others. Show respect for individuals Identify and solve problems Deliver work on time and to budget where possible.

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Share feedback with others on the achievement of objectives Working with other people helps the organization by If it’s a for a profit organization, it cuts down on costs and increases profits Makes better use of resources Deadlines are met on time and to budget where possible Makes a better working environment 1. 3) Explain what it meant by diversity and why it should be valued Diversity means valuing different individuals regardless of race, heritage, customs, beliefs, physical appearance, mental capabilities, etc Diversity should be respected and valued because nobody is completely the same as anybody else.

Everyone in the work place has to be treated equally because everyone as something to offer and everyone has a strong factor/skill that they can contribute to the company. 1. 4) Outline benefits of diversity to an organization The success of an organization depends upon its ability to embrace diversity and realism the benefits. You get variety of solutions to problems in service, sourcing and allocation of recourses. Employees from diverse backgrounds bring individual talents and experiences.

They bring in a diverse collection of skills and experiences 1. 5) Explain how to treat other people in a way that IS sensitive to their needs You can treat other people well by being empathetic and relating to the way they feel about certain issues. Listen to them often. Treat everyone the way you would like to be treated. Analyses people’s needs and try to meet those needs. If they do not feel comfortable ask to see what you can do for them to make them more comfortable. Rye and imagine myself in that person’s shoes and think about how I would feel if I were that person and then I can usually figure out how that person would like to be treated. If you are kind and courteous you will be fine. 1. 6) Explain how to treat other people in a way hat respects their abilities, backgrounds, values, customs and beliefs You need to understand other people’s views and take them into account. You have to be skilful and sensitive and diplomatic when dealing with people.

They have to be treated with dignity and respect at all times. You also need to take in to consideration everybody s social, cultural and racial backgrounds and differences. Also you need to listen to people’s needs and support them through and that way they will feel valued. Different people will have different standards and levels of understanding so we need to use the appropriate engage and respect confidentially.

1. ) Describe ways in which it is possible to learn from Others at work Paying attention to see how colleagues act and react to certain situations Ask for demonstration when you want to learn the process of doing something Request guidance when you struggle to do something or you are not sure of how to accomplish certain tasks Watch people do their work and listen carefully to other people Try and meet new people either through your daily work or a project that you participate Develop strong networks of relationships to be successful SE other people as a source of inspiration look at their achievements and use them as examples or sources

2. ) Outline the purpose and benefits of maintaining security and confidentially at work Security at work place: Information/ data security means protecting all the data and information from unauthorized access. Also the information systems where the data or information is stored have to be protected from unauthorized access, use or disclosure. Also one needs to be careful not to disrupt the system, modify or destruct data or information as they are highly sensitive and cause disastrous effects for the organization and the individual related to it.

These type of data are confidential and used my governments, hospitals, military and other highly sensitive secure organizations. Information security is a business requirement and also a legal requirement. Confidentiality in workplace Confidentiality is a very important aspect for a lot of varied reasons. All the data relative to recruitment, compensation and management Of employees is highly sensitive. So if these reach the hands of wrong people, it can be misused to commit fraud and other violations.

Confidentiality maintenance also relates to professionalism of the organization. So employees must make sure they maintain a professional attitude and not to share/disclose any sensitive information without authorization from organization. 2. 2) Outline requirements for security and confidentiality in an organization Confidentiality and information security are the key aspects for an organization. So an organization must make sure that it preserves these along with integrity.

Any information even if it is a little one, if lost can lead to the non-existence of the organization. 2. 3) Outline legal requirements for security and confidentiality, as required All information has to be original and true and should be free from errors Any info on people, it would need to meet the Data Protection Act. The info should be stored securely whether it is paper-based or electronically. The organization should have an access to information policy. Anyone who has information stored about them has access to it on request.

The information should not be given to third parties unless there are criminal implications and the courts demand it, or it is with the Consent of the person themselves. Ensure safe disposal of data material e. . Shredding of paper documents before disposal Network protection: make sure all computers have fire walls and antivirus protection All companies have and should have their own policies and procedures regarding security and confidentiality. All employees must abide by these policies and procedures.

The Data Protection Act, Human Rights Act and Consumer Rights Acts cover these areas. 2. ) Describe procedures for dealing with concerns about security and confidentiality in an organization Identify potential problems Identify implications (potential loss) of each problem Determine possible preventative measures Assign a ‘risk factor’ to each problem 3. 1) What are sources of risk in your organization, including H? Accidents, slips and trips, fire, electrical safety, injury from lifting heavy boxes improperly, disclosing private and restricted computer data, unauthorized use of internet, stress due to long hours and tight deadlines are a few sources of risk in my organization.

2) How do you assess and monitor risk in your organization identify and evaluate potential risks by ensuring that tested policies and procedures are in place to effectively manage them. . 3) How can you minimize risk in your organization? Ensuring follow policies and procedures to reduce risk Ensuring Risk Registers are up to date and mitigations are in place to reduce risks 4. 1) Why should you keep waste to a minimum in the work place? It is important to keep waste to a minimum in the work place because the more you waste the more is it costs the company.

Companies have procedures like recycling which helps to keep the work place tidy whilst saving money and helping the environment. 4. 2) What are the main causes Of waste that may occur in a business environment? Avian lights and electrical equipment switched on when they are no longer needed. Waste of paper and other admit products e. G minor errors, if you don’t check your work you will find you make lots of errors and therefore waste a lot of paper Printing out emails that don’t need to be printed

4. ) How do you minimize waste – including using technology and other procedures Turn off lights if you are the last one leaving the room Ensure all electrical equipment is switched off when not in use Make sure all printers are in working order to reduce amount of error print pages Printing only what is necessary and double sided and not in color Recycling all recyclable waste e. G. Paper, plastic bottles 4. 4) What is the purpose and benefits of recycling? Recycling helps resource conservation of energies (renewable and non- renewable), solid waste reduction thereby conserving the ecosystem, environmental protection e. .

Trees and other living things and also helps with social and economic development Recycling Saves the Earth Saves energy Helps reduce Global Warming and Pollution Reduces waste products in landfills and saving the earth and ecosystem Helps save money 4. ) What are your organizations procedures for recycling? In the office there are three recycling bins available, one for normal paper waste, one for confidential waste and the other for general recyclable waste When receive emails it says on the bottom of them ‘please consider the environment before printing this email’. . 6) How can waste be minimized by regular maintenance of equipment?

All machines have a period within which it has to be serviced and certified as good enough to be used. When these checks are performed regularly on a schedule the equipment run longer and therefore it minimizes the chances of eying new machines before the life time of the machine already in hand. This saves money for the Organization. Maintaining the machines also helps consume less power, and fewer expenses on repairing and replacement of parts. 5. ) What is the purpose of recycling and disposing of hazardous materials? The purpose of recycling is to help reduce waste in a way that is beneficial to the environment.

The purpose of disposing hazardous materials correctly is to prevent health and life threatening issues to man and animals. Waste can also be used beneficially by suitably qualified organizations. . 2) What are your organizations procedures for recycling and disposal Of hazardous materials? Every week we have a company that comes in to collect papers and other materials that need recycling.

Any hazardous materials are collected in a safe place and disposed of with the help of companies that are experts in hazardous material disposal. 6. 1) What are the benefits to an organization of improving efficiency and minimizing waste over time? Good environmental practices can reduce company’s costs by reducing the use of raw materials, energy, water and packaging. Waste can be reduced tit very less effort. For example, switching off machines and equipment at night will reduce energy consumption.

Another point is investing in good quality machines that reduce your energy consumption. Look for machines with an energy star label. You could save money by spending more in the first place to buy more energy-efficient machinery and equipment rather than buying cheaper ones and spending money later on energy, spares and servicing. When you have a good organization with quality you will see employees working with enthusiasm, and this will cut down costs for acquirement as employees will not want to leave quality organizations.

6. ) How do you continuously improve your working methods and use of technology to achieve maximum efficiency and minimum waste? Switching off equipment not in use, think twice before printing anything, use electronic formats and data storage rather than paper files 6. 3) How do you select sources of materials and equipment that give best value for money? Look at efficiency and durability, efficiency and durability help reduce consumption of power, spending on spare parts and servicing ‘repair thus saving money for the organization.

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