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Work And Marriage Dee Mathis ? Research PaperWorking and MarriageJobs can and do effect marriages and can cause marital breakups. In the military, have dual careers have been know to cause breakups. Not just in the marriage, but also in the family. There is probably more infidelity going on the military than in civilian life.

Because of this it caused work/life problems that went unnoticed by the military. Separation causes relationship stress, which result in job stress. Having two individuals focusing on their careers tends to build gaps in the relationship. I feel that it takes a strong relationship to with stand the dealing of separation, overtime at the job and lack of time spent at home. Today job demands are so great that they becoming the cause of breaking down the very foundations that may have taken years and years to build. According to Workforce Magazine, in 1994, 2.3 million couples were married.

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That same year, 1.2million couples officially agreed their marriages couldn?t be saved, (Workforce Dec 2001). HR professionals should care about their employee?s personal lives. Not to the extent that they are always butting in their businesses, but enough to time, job, relationship, family, military, stress, work, should, professionals, personal, hr, think, strain, relationships, having, couples, careers, two, together, separation, people, one, marriages, loose, life, lack, employees, companies, cause, breakups, years, workforce, work/life, whole, viewed

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