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Women Studies


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In this Intersection Analysis, I will discuss how it is easy for one particular sector of society to use another. In this I mean once a person has been de-humanized it is easier for this person or persons to be treated any way that people see fit. This ?phenomena? could be further facilitated through the media, advertising, art, film, or in the everyday world. I will be using different readings from, Women?s studies Gender in a transnational world, movies viewed in class, and some sociological view points.

When you view a person to be less than human it allows room for a special kind of treatment to take place; one form of treatment being abuse on every level. Abuse of a person?s spiritual, mental, and physical nature is usually the plan of attach. On example of this is in Andrea Weiss? story Female Pleasures and perversions in the Silent and Early Sound Cinema. In this piece Ms. Weiss discusses how women were used as ?objects of desire.? (304) This story was showing how easy it is to view something so natural as–sexuality and turn it into this erotic nightmare. Allow the

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