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Women Oppression

The social construction of gender and feminist theories of oppression correlate simply because the social construction of gender is the basis for many feminist theories. Oppression is a socio-political system designed to purposely confine, shape, manipulate or reduce a particular class or caste of people solely on arbitrary grounds and for the advantage, of another class. Marlyn Frye states ?a woman in an oppressive society is somehow like a bird in a cage.? Women are oppressed in many ways from issues of sexuality to harassment in the workplace. In one simple example neither sexually active nor nonsexual active women are in the right. A sexually active woman will be thought of as a whore, slut, or nasty. A nonsexual active woman will be thought of as green, unable to sustain a man, or lesbian. Either way the woman cannot win, it is one of the many double standards that women must face everyday.
Firestone?s feminist theory argues that ?Women are physically weakened by their reproductive biology and that the male dominated society arbitrarily takes advantage of this fact, and even makes that weakness more drastic.? I believe that this

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