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Women In The Work Force For years women have tried to overcome the sexist barriers of society. The industrialization of the United States opened a window of opportunity for women. The increased availability of jobs required fulfillment. Men could no longer fill all of the jobs available. Women became the answers. Females worked hard to make a living for themselves. Yet, the burdens that they encountered were gruesome.

Women were not viewed as equal counterparts to men. They fought for equal rights and a chance to succeed. What is it that is holding women back from their hard earned equality to men Women are held down because of concepts like the glass ceiling, sexual harassment, and the second shift, not because of their knowledge.

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The feminization of labor started during the earliest phases of industrialization. The transformation into an urban economy from a rural one opened a new time for women?s work.1 The products that women produced at home were now being produced in factories. ?As the demands for goods increased, however, home production declined and gave way to the factory system, which was more efficient in meeting emerging needs.?2 However, men women, men, jobs, work, woman, top, company, harassment, family, companies, sexual, should, people, glass, barriers, years, second, shift, feel, fact, ceiling, business, workforce, stereotypes, society, positions, longer, job, increased, idea, equal, chance, career, because, advancement

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