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Women In Palestine And Their Rights When will this all end My knowledge about the world has always been based on how the United States functions and the rights that are given to everyone and that?s including me, a woman. I never thought of myself lower than anyone else and especially a male. Everything has to do with how I was raised and where I was raised. Palestinian women don?t have the same gender privileges that I have. They have to suffer with having to be raised in a country where gender is a big issue and masculinity is what powers. This paper will mainly focus on the violence and the civil and political rights of women in Palestine. The dominance of male control in Palestine is currently threatening the progression of women rising above the constraints of patriarchy.

It is however important to recognize specific cultural and religious practices of gender hierarchy that are accepted by Palestinian women. While keeping this in mind it is of paramount importance to keep sight of the consequences of abusing these cultural practices at the expense of women?s liberation and development. If we as a global community can acknowledge the adverse effects of patriarchal rule and appreciate the fundamental women, rights, violence, right, palestinian, political, men, against, women?s, wclacorg, palestine, gender, equal, crimes, society, law, human, should, under, social, public, parties, one, level, family, don?t, declaration, basic, woman, sexual, rape, patriarchal, nationality, laws, issues

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