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Women In Music Women In Music VideosMusic videos have been a part of the music scene after the creation of Mtv. Since Mtvs introduction as part of the “pop” culture, it has evolved to include all types of music, from rock -n- roll to love songs to hip-hop. Videos used to help the listeners/fans interpret the artists songs, now the videos just have nothing to do with the song itself. Such as some hip-hop video, where the “ladies” are wearing nearly nothing, and are just running around trying to get more camera time. Unfortunately, in the past couple of years, these types of videos have become more and more popular. Not that I have a problem with it, but the videos after a while seem to repeat themselves.All these videos are the work of promoters and record labels in an effort to sell more and more albums. Sometimes the artists have their hands tied in the way the music is promoted.

These marketing tactics are probably dictated by someone in an office in some building in New York. But as distasteful these videos may be, it portrays the number one selling subject, sex. The more sexual content a video can get away with, videos, video, one, music, bigger, same, new, hip-hop, artists, trying, songs, sex, say, number, message, long, ladies, just, hop, hip, even, doesnt, artist, albums, after, women, way, watching, unfortunately, types, tries, top, time, think, subject, song

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