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Women In History

I. The Differences between ?Rosie? and the Woman in ?That Damned Fence?
During the time of World War Two, there were hard working women taking over the jobs in industry that were usually held by men. But these women working as welders and miners were not the only women in America. There is a tendency in American history scholarship to generalize. Not only does taught history tend to be nonspecific when it comes to women, in most cases, some women are never mentioned at all. The reasons for this ignorance may include the embarrassment that Americans feel for horrid realities like slavery and internment camps and the fact that our society is male dominant. Whatever the cause may be, it is necessary to reveal the truths of our histories as Americans and as American women.
In the song ?Rosie the Riveter?, written by two men, Redd Evans and Jacob Loeb, a woman is described heroically as she is protecting her ?Charlie? (husband). The depiction of Rosie the Riveter was to symbolize the working women of the war. Men created Rosie to build excitement for women to want to enter the work force. Essentially, Rosie was war propaganda that lead many women

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