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Women In Government

Women Who Cry Wolf

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Its not often the government admits guilt. Asking the United States government to apologize and recognize guilt is like trying to get Martha Stuart to admit to having inside information on Enron stocks. Its probably never going to happen. So how likely is it really going to be that the government, which is mostly run by men, would feel its necessary to admit to centuries of wrongs done to women Not likely. Japanese-American citizens were forced in isolated camps beginning in 1942 by the U.S. government and didn?t get any recognition of wrong doings until 1988 when Congress granted them monetary compensation for $20,000 dollars to each of the 60,000 internees. Even then, a formal letter of apology of wrong doings was not recognized until May 12, 2002. So the whole issue of women getting the same apology will more likely than not, never happen.
But is it the government?s fault anyways that women have been discriminated against I propose that even though there are many ways the government has allowed female oppression and discrimination, there are more significant ways women have allowed it to happen to them. Even back in the days of Elizabeth Cady Stanton,

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