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Women & Disabilities

Disabled Women of Today: Their Challenges & Their Fight back

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How do we define being disabled What is it exactly How does it feel like being called mentally & physically retarded How does the world react to disabled people All of these are not just simple questions but ones that are not being answered properly by today?s society. I am trying to lead into the argument that, even in today?s modern society like that in the United States, physically and mentally challenged and ill men and women face so many social, physical, mental and communicational barriers. Well I can even say that women to a larger extent face more of these barriers than do men in our society.
I start this paper with such a strong argument because, even though this is a globalization oriented course, the event that I attended for this paper, called ?Woman & Disabilities? has changed my perspective so much, that I cannot stop from presenting some of my hard critiques in this assignment. Certainly, this event was in most ways related to some of the effects of globalization that we have studied till now. Some of the comments and facts that were presented in the event

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