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Womanconstitutes the family, which leads to society and Nation. Social and economicdevelopment of women is necessary for overall economic development of anysociety or a country.

Women empowerment is the redistribution of power of womenthat challenges ideology and male dominance. Entrepreneurship is the state ofmind which every woman has in her, but has not been capitalized in India in wayin which it should be. Due to change in environment, now people are morecomfortable to accept leading role of women in our society, though there aresome exceptions.

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Our increasing dependency on service sector has created manyentrepreneurial opportunities especially for women where they can excel theirskills with maintaining balance in their life.Proposeof this empirical study is intended to find out various motivating andde-motivating internal and external factors of women entrepreneurship. It is anattempt to quantify some for non-parametric factors to give the sense ofranking these factors. It will also suggest the way of eliminating and reducinghurdles of the women entrepreneurship development in Indian Context. Womenhave been the vulnerable section of society and constitute a sizeable segmentof the poverty-struck population.

Womenface gender specific barriers to access education health, employment etc. Microfinance deals with women below the poverty line. Since women’s empowerment isthe key to socio economic development of the community; bringing women into themainstream of national development has been a major concern of government.

The ministry of ruraldevelopment has special components for women in its programs. Funds areearmarked as “Women’s component” to ensure flow of adequate resources for thesame. Besides Swarnagayanti Grameen Swarazgar Yojona (SGSY), Ministry of RuralDevelopment is implementing other scheme having women’s component.They are theIndira Awas Yojona (IAJ), National Social Assistance Programme (NSAP) etc.

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