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Woman Vs.

Men The Language of SexismWomen have always, even in the written language, been placed and defined inferior to men. Even the Constitution in full of sexist language. Senators and Representatives are all referred to as he.

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Not to anyone?s surprise the president is also referred to as he. It makes me feel as though the founders of the constitution never thought there could ever come a day the a female would be in such a high position. I cant wait to see a woman president but the chances of that happening in a sexist society will be rare. Every term given to a women is that of a servant. Now a days there are men who sit at home and take care of the children and home but what are they called Househusband No but there is the term housewife, kitchen maid, housemother. Since most professions are labeled with sexist language such as policeman, fireman, postman, milkman, etc. most women find themselves ending up as a ?man?.

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