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With computer technologies being
an increasing role in all facets of modern life, you are likely to find computer
science skills in high demand across many diverse industries. Those who are
studying computer science, will acquire many
technical and non-technical attributes which are treasured by employers, from communication
to software development. Computer science students become skilled problem
solvers, mapping the best and most practical solutions to a variety of problems.
The growing scope of computer science means you have plenty of choices in an extensive
assortment of very specialized areas. There is no doubt that computer science
graduates have a bright future in today’s job market. As technology continues
to advance, computer science experts are required to develop, test, and
maintain computer systems.  

computer science degree offers much more than simply technical knowledge, many
theoretical and mathematical concepts are used in creating software and
hardware solutions to diverse problems. One of the major concepts computer
science majors learn is how to methodically think through a problem and find a
way to solve it. Furthermore, there are computer science courses in which a
computer is never used. Chris Stephenson, Executive Director of the Computer
Science Teachers Association, adds that good computer scientists also understand
teamwork and are good communicators. They work with other people all the time,
she says, including those who don’t come from a computer science background.
“No matter how brilliant you are, at some point you will have to explain to
someone how your product works or what your code does,” Stephenson says. The process of learning computer science facilitates
the development of a fundamental set of skills sought after by companies in a vast
range of professional situations.

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When it comes to worthwhile degrees in today’s job market, computer
science programs are hard to beat. Both high earning potential and job growth
make this field a top choice for many students. Common employers are information
technology consultants and service providers. However, as most businesses depend
on computers to function efficiently, there are also opportunities within the tech
departments of major organizations in the telecommunications, aerospace and defense,
financial services, retail, healthcare, manufacturing, agricultural, public and
third sectors. An aptitude in computer science can lead to
unexpected places; banks and financial institutions often pay their tech
experts six figure salaries to write code that keeps them trading one step
ahead of their rivals. National intelligence agencies are always on the lookout
for the brightest graduates to help them counter threats from cybercrime and
terrorism. Bobby Schnabel, Dean of the School of Informatics and Computing at Indiana University Bloomington and
chair of the Association of Computing Machinery’s Education Policy Committee,
says “Some students go into computer science because they like working with computers.
Others want to solve problems with technology. Whatever your passion, a CS
degree is a great foundation for all kinds of jobs.”

With all the different opportunities in
computer science there are many things you can do while you are earning your
degree to make your life after graduation more successful. One of the most
critical decisions you will make in your education focuses on finding your
niche in computer science. Researching available options can be overwhelming
and exhausting but homing in on what you want to do and pursuing it
relentlessly will give you the best chance of success. It is extremely
beneficial to have completed relevant work experience. You should also consider
compiling a portfolio of your own independent projects outside of your degree,
which could be in the form of programming, moderating online or even building
an app. This will demonstrate to employers your interest in the subject and
your problem-solving skills, creativity and initiative.

Computers are so ubiquitous in the modern world
that the demand for graduates with the skills to understand systems and create
software will only continue to grow. When it comes to the future, there are few
guarantees. But you’re not likely to find a field with a more outlook
than computer science. With job opportunities increasing significantly and
above-average starting salaries that escalate with experience and the range of
skills learned while completing your degree is the reason the computer science
field is bursting with opportunities.

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