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With most of the programs in the education sector being funded by the government, budget cut hurts education. Cutting the budget means that the programs will not be ran effectively. In turn, the quality of education is affected and the victims of the moves are the students. Most of the funding is done towards affecting programs for low income students as well other disadvantaged groups such as students will disabilities. In the United States, education is key to a bright future of the country. Every state government understands that this funding most of the programs in schools. The education budget cutting from the federal government has been high in recent years. The aim has been to good quality education to all students in the country. The funding schools makes education can to affordable and accessible by almost every student in the country. However, most of the funding goes to public schools whereby most of the programs in such schools are funded by the government. The most recent budget by the newly elected government headed by President Donald Trump has been deep cuts on an education budget. The first full budget by the government has shown major cuts especially to public school programs. The funding initially directed towards college work-study programs has been cut into half meaning the schools will now receive half of what they used to get. Other programs that have been affected by the budget cuts include advance coursework, after-school programs, career advancement programs, leadership programs as well as internship programs.         However, the education budget cuts possess serious concerns over their negative effects to students, teachers, institutions and the education sector in general. For instance, cutting the budget on after-school programs will affect the 1.6 millions kids initially benefiting from the programs. Most of the cuts will mean that the schools will have to fund their programs translating to increased cost of education. The tuition fee will become unaffordable especially for students with poor backgrounds. The budget cut will also have a negative impact on the quality of education as it will dampen the outlook of education in the country. Budget cut eliminates programs initially benefiting from the funding and thus students initially benefiting from the programs will be affected. It will take a lot of time for schools to make adjustments in order to adapt to the new lowered budget. Generally, budget cut affects students, teachers and institutions as we’ll as the entire education sector.Implications of education budget cuts on students, Programs funded by the government in schools directly benefit students in such schools. This means that any change on the funding directly affects the students. Budget cuts directly affect students as they are the primary beneficiaries. With the government slicing the budget on education, this translates to underfunding or elimination of some programs initially funded through the government budget.    For instance, programs benefiting low income earners are affected by the budget cuts thus disadvantaging the students benefiting from the programs. Most of these programs aim at making education affordable and accessible to all students especially those from the minority and disadvantaged groups. Cutting the budget will mean that schools will have to adjust in order to maintain the programs especially those related to learning experiences. The cost of tuition will go high thus making it difficult for students from the minority groups and those from low-income earners to afford the cost. This in turn makes education expensive for some of the students to afford. Cutting education means that the responsibility is shifted to the students who are required to fund their own education.         In addition, budget cut on education can affect the performance of students negatively. According to Newell (23), one cause of poor performance is the inability to access the necessary reading materials. Initially, most of the reading materials were supplied through government funded programs. Cutting the budget will means that some of these programs are underfunded or even eliminated from the sector. In most cases, students are required to acquire their own reading materials after the budget cut. Surveys conducted across the country indicate that students are being requested by their schools to purchase their own books. The books were initially supplied by the government. The move affects some of the students especially those from low income backgrounds. Some of them cannot afford all the books required and hence will survive with no books. This can in turn affect the performance of students as they will be lacking the necessary study materials. Cutting budget especially on programs meant to help disadvantaged students translates to a form of inequality. Some of these programs aimed at helping disadvantaged student s have access to the necessary study materials. Failure to help them will be subjecting them to forces of inequality were well up students enjoys some advantages over their counterparts. Performance can also be affected by under financing or elimination of programs aimed at boosting performance. Programs such as coursework program help boost performance of students.         Some of these programs were created to enable students understand various topics in their curriculum. Some subjects require course work study for students to understand them better. Eliminating these programs will mean students may fail to understand such concepts and thus poor performance. During a survey by the Guardian Teachers Network, a teacher claimed that their department had no working printers thus being unable to print students’ coursework. Poor performance by students can also be as a result of lack of quality teaching. When the government reduces its funding to schools, they are forced to adjust in order to fit the reduced budget. This would involve reducing the number of staff. As a result, teachers will have excessive workload thus affecting their ability to deliver. Their failure to deliver manifests in the form of poor performance by students.  Adequate funding by the government enables student to remain focused and do away with life challenges. Performance can be affected by events surrounding a student’s life. In most cases, disadvantaged students will struggle to fund their studies. In turn they can become depressed hence poor performance.         Another negative implication of budget cuts in education is that they breed inequality in our institutions. With government funded education, every student is made equal and thus no student will have the idea of look down at others. In institutions, it’s hard to identify students from low income backgrounds and those from high income backgrounds. The education system had leveled them as they were given equal access to resources. However, implementing budget cuts on educations bring in the image of the real world to the education system. The budget cuts will mean students take the responsibility of funding their own education. As a result, students from low income backgrounds become disadvantaged and thus inequality is bred in schools. The move makes it easy to identify students from low income backgrounds and those from high income backgrounds. This will be in the form of students’ ability to pay for their education. Budget cuts will mean students who can fully pay for their education belong to the top social class. Those who cannot afford all the requirements end up be identified with low income backgrounds. Breeding inequality in schools is dangerous for the larger society. Budget cuts will mean access to certain educational opportunities will be dependent on social class. Those who cannot form pay for the opportunity cannot access them. In addition, students from poor background will find it difficult fully pay for their education. In the long term, students from poor backgrounds will perform poor compared to their counterparts. With poor performance, it’s difficult for such students to excel in the long term and hence their social class becomes permanent for the student. Education should be at the forefront to fight for equality but with the budget cuts, education system will be breeding inequality.         Apart from performance, budget cuts in education dampen students’ career outlook. In schools mostly colleges, students are prepared to face the real life as they pursue their career goals. According to Oliff et al (52), colleges create programs to help students prepare to face the real world after college. Some of these programs include career education programs, leadership workshops, careers seminars and career internships. The above programs are meant to prepare student to start their careers. Students are made familiar with the environment they will be encounter upon employment. Leadership programs prepare students socially. By the time students come out of college, they are ready to start their careers. Internships present students with the environment they will face once in the employment market. However, all these programs require funding with most of the funds coming from the government. Budget cuts in education will mean that schools receive inadequate finance to funds the programs. As a result, students fail to receive the necessary preparation to face the real life. Most of them will graduate having no idea about the employment sector and the outside world. As a result, their careers become damp as they will have to take time to familiarize with the new environment.Impact of budget cuts in education on teachers, Apart from students, education budget cuts affect teachers as well. Programs funded by the government and are run by teachers. Teachers are assigned duties to run some of the programs especially those involving learning. For instance, course work programs are run by teachers as part of their duties. Introduction of the programs created employment opportunities   to teachers. Teachers are hired to run such programs and also replaced when they quite the profession or even die. Some of these programs have created employment opportunities to a large number of teachers in the country. Budget cuts on education will mean that some of these programs are eliminated or underused. The operations of some of the school programs will go and thus the roles of the teachers will be reduced. Elimination of some of the programs will mean that teachers running those programs are left with duties to perform. A survey by the Guardian Teacher Network showed that more than 80% of schools have made the cutbacks. 34% of the teachers interviewed said that their school were no longer hiring or replacing departed teachers. Another 14% of the teachers claimed that teachers in their schools have been made redundant. With the programs they used to run eliminated, the teachers are left without duties and hence are looked at as useless to the schools. Another impact of budget cuts in education is that it increases the workload on some teachers. Since the government has limited its funding, schools are forced to minimize their costs to fit the reduced budget. This in turn puts teachers at the risk of having excessive workloads. One teacher will be required to undertake the duties of two teachers under normal circumstances. In turn, teachers find it difficult to deliver and most of them will quite the profession. Overloading teachers amounts to violation of their rights.         Budget cuts in education translate to inadequate funding to schools. Most of the programs run in public schools depend on public funding. Reducing the funding will mean some of these programs become underused or even eliminated from the system. Education programs also help students who are disadvantaged such as poor and the disabled. Reducing the funding means these students are under supported. This can negatively affect their performance in schools. Reducing government funding may translate to students paying for their education. With most of the disadvantaged students, it becomes difficult to pay for their education. Most of them will not be in a position to buy enough textbook which can affect their performance. Elimination of programs such as the coursework programs can affect the performance of student. Budget cuts can also dampen the careers of some students.  Without inadequate career preparation, students’ careers may become damp. Budget cuts also affects teachers as some of them become redundant while others gat excessive workload in an attempt by schools to reduce costs. Budget cuts generally affect the quality of education in a country.

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