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Machiavelli stressed that every ruler should posses a basic understanding of war. William the Conqueror, displayed his military knowledge in conquering the British Isle s. He tricked the Anglo Saxon army by retreating. When the opposing army was most vulnerable e, after being attacked by the north, William lead his army to attack through the south. It WA as clear victory for William the Conqueror.

Machiavelli stated that all rulers must posses know welled of war because war is always looming.An armed man will not listen to an unarmed m an, ergo a military Orca will disregard a prince without extensive knowledge of war (Machiavelli, 60). In this case William the Conqueror’s military force would not have obeyed him and would not have been successful, had it not been for his military expertise. Furthermore, in the case of William the Conqueror, the army he lead to England would not have been successful with out him, a war connoisseur, at its helm. When William the Conqueror subjugated England he preserved the laws and kept the people content.According to Machiavelli there are only three manners in hi chi a newly enquired territory can be ruled. Those three manners are complete obliterate Zion, relocation of the ruler to the new territory, or maintenance of previous laws.

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William the Con error wisely kept the same legal codes, thus he was able to keep the public satisfied. He also re located to England to personally watch over his territory. By doing so William the con error was able to oversee all concerning matters. Machiavellian ideas supported these actions because wit h them the chance of the prince losing the territory was minimized.By maintaining the legal code the prince keep the people happy and by relocating the prince can observe any conflicts and c quickly take care of them. Niccole¶ Machiavelli believed that leaders did not have to posses a morally so undo character in order to enjoy success.

In the case of William the Conqueror he was known for his cold blooded nature, nonetheless he was an excellent leader. For example, aft ere he was denied the throne of England, William the Conqueror took his revenge and massacre d the English army at the Battle of Hastings.Nonetheless when he gained power over England an d introduced the French feudal system to rule successfully. Machiavelli reasoning over this PRI incline is that the people should fear the ruler to prevent them from thinking Of themselves as period and rebelling.

Also Machiavelli insists that leaders have to use cruelty to maintain t heir reign. By instilling fear into the people William the Conqueror was able to run an office NT territory without threats and under control. One of Machiavellian principles states that rulers should be aware of their sure rounding territories and to weaken them.

In William the Conqueror’s case, he set out to awaken the World History H period: 1 bordering territories and prevent foreigners from threatening his own territory y. After conquering England, he invaded Scotland and Wales with the intention of weakening the m and then uniting them of under the English flag. By doing so William the Conqueror strengthen De his territory and weakened the others. He followed Machiavellian ideas of encouraging April capacities to weaken the powerful and prevent foreigners to take over.This further shows the intellectual similarities between Machiavelli and William the Conqueror. To further unite his colony and prevent rebellions, William the Conqueror into educed Catholicism as the only religion in England. As both Machiavelli and he knew, a colony embedded with religion is sustained effortless.

Since religion motivates state in times of war and keeps them content in times Of peace, the ruler’s colony lives on. William the Conqueror introduced Catholicism by replacing English bishops with catholic Norman. E also named Landfall archbishop and gave him control over religion in England.

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