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Why War Why WarWhat happens to the aggressive instinct when people unite to form a lawful society they still do violent things but they think it is right because the community backs it. I believe that they still act in violence but they do it through the community so they believe it is not wrong. What it is controlled violence thought the community and nothing else. It is just having the hole community making the dictions in steed of one person , but they are still acting in violence they just have the backing of a majority of the community this is what I believe that they are saying in there letters.

People still have the same instinct for violence they just do not believe it is right for one person to act on it the majority of the community has to believe they did something wrong, and must be punished for it. Basically a jury trial were twelve of your peers decide if you are guilty or not and decide how violent your punishment will be. Like I said it is just the community acting in violence instead of one person. They will punish one person for being violent, but if the violence, community, think, believe, act, wrong, out, one, just, violent, instinct, even, person, society, don?t, right, punishment, live, backing, aggressive, acting, without, whole, thought, though, stays, said, punished, people, opinion, majority, lawful, individual, different, decide, commit

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