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Why Marry

Why marry when currently the options available to couples are more than they were in the past The piece of paper and steel around the third finger of the left hand are merely outward societal symbols of what a couple feels. Two people can have all the attributes of the institution of marriage without the symbols. After all, we come into this world alone and go out alone.
There are two options available to couples today, living together, or maintaining separate homes. Personalities and living styles are often the deciding factors once all the cards are on the table. Before a couple can reach this monumental decision they must look at the three most important aspects of a shared arrangement; companionship, financial obligations towards one another and the home and sharing in the maintenance or upkeep of the home.
Companionship is different things to different people. Some people need daily physical contact. Others are content with communication through telephone and letters and quality time set aside when they can give attention to one another without outside interference. Living alone affords one the opportunity to set aside time for their intended without fear that

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