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Why Latinos Should Oppose Bilingual Education ?Nationwide, about 3.

5 million public school students don?t know English well enough to succeed in a regular classroom. Some school districts must accommodate children from 60 or more language groups—-many who are five or six years old and entering school for the first time, others who are older and may or may not have attended school in their homeland.? Most of these children in years past would have been expected to learn the English on their own, ?sinking or swimming.? Many children did not learn this way. Bilingual programs did not devote enough time to English, so most students spent years in the programs, never really progressing. However, Christian Dominguez, a seven year old boy went from not speaking a word of English to being able to read whole books in English.

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In 1998, Californians voted against bilingual education and adopted ?English immersion? programs. Most bilingual educators were opposed to the program at first, english, years, students, school, programs, bilingual, scores, program, language, immersion, districts, children, way, time, teach, percentile, old, learn, however, first, enough, education, change, been, year, work, word, whole, washington, voted, two, toward, told, thousands, themselves

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