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Why Go To War….For What Reason On a walk from school, a nine-year-old Iraqi girl was injured by a bombing raid by the U.

S. military in January of 1999. She had just finished taking a test at school on that afternoon, and she was on her way home when a bomb dropped. She was severely injured and she ending up with a missing arm, and wounded abdominal area and chest.

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She also had a metal fragment in her skull in which the doctors were afraid to remove it because it might have resulted in her dying . She was thankful for still being alive, and it is really sad to see a young innocent girl get hurt and abused physically and emotionally. Thousands of Iraqis are being killed for what reason Going to war against Iraq is only not justified, but it would be pointless. Why go to war with a country that does not pose a present danger of mass destruction, and because the country has an unruly leader Why take their oil from them Don?t you realize that if we go to war, it will cost billions of dollars, dollars we could spend on resources that are needed for priorities at iraq, war, should, people, going, country, because, oil, go, against, un, think, violated, spend, dollars, weapons, security, military, mass, innocent, destruction, very, thousands, things, take, social, saddam, result, resolutions, reason, really, own, nothing, need, make

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