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Whythe United States is not a democratic Country?There are 2 majorpolitical parties in United States which are, Republican and Democrat. UnitedStates is a republican country because in this government people pick therepresentatives and those representatives vote for candidates’ on behalf of thepeople.

Where democratic government is basically ruled by the people of thecountry, people directly decide to vote in the elections and elect thepresident.  The United States was notthe republic at the very beginning because, back then, it was all in themajority. People would vote and then decide according to the most number ofvotes. “Remember, Democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts andmurders itself.

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” By reading this, it surely tells us that it wasn’t apleasant thing that happened to United States. Which made the founders take anaction to change the government to a republic. In the following quote, one ofthe founders stated to Jefferson, “In Virginia, I have seen the bill ofrights violated in every instance where it has been opposed to a popularcurrent.” This brought the end to democracy and start of the newgovernment called republican.  Another reason that makesUnited States not a democratic country is that democracy is all about “majorityis authority” and socialism. Let’s take an example if a class has 20 studentsand there are 9 students who are not much of an out speaker and there are 11students who are very much of talkative; the teacher asks the students toparticipate in an activity.

Where only 11 students would do it just fine butrest would stay quiet, which is sometimes benefit able. Socialism plays a bigrole in a democracy where there is equality in the decisions where this is rarein republican government because it’s not in the common people who elect theirPresident or congressmen, it is the representatives, chosen by common people,to make that decision for them. On the other hand, thereis reciprocity.

“In the US, certain representatives apparently consideredsuch an arrangement between them and their voters as well as”one-sided”. Accordingly, they came up with an interesting yetabnormal way to democratic governance which is based on a kind of”reciprocity” between voters and their representatives.”Reciprocity is not democratic because the people who vote do not decide theirrepresentatives instead the representatives are the one who chooses who can bebetter to run in the elections. This would make the process easy and unbiased.  We can refer to theelection of 2016, where Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton were on the line forthe presidency. We all know who won the election, yet there were 2 types ofvoting that took place. One was based on the regular voting and the other wasthe electoral voting. “Nevertheless,as the whole world witnessed with the outcome of unusual 2016 election, whenDonald J.

Trump, in the US electoral system does not actually meet this basiccondition.” Although, Trump won the election; even though, Hillary had morepopular votes than him. This was such as undemocratic elections that’s onlypossible in United States.

 In brief, United States is not purely republican as well asnot fully democratic. But, after considering the elections of 2016, it showsthat the majority United States is based on the republicans compare to theopposite government. There are major and minor points that cause people to be confusedof which way is this country leading to but, then we can all remember theelections. In conclusion, the information above certifies that US is not ademocratic country.   ReferenceMott,Ph.D. Jonathan D. ThisNation.

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