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Why Chronic Conditions are hard to recognize in children            The difficulty in diagnosing chronic conditions in children is primarily caused by the inert difficulty in getting proper medical history as well as information from children.  Certain chronic conditions share many symptoms with more common child illnesses such as headaches, nasal congestions, asthma or rashes and as such are more often misdiagnosed as some sort of milder and less serious sickness rather than a chronic disorder.Parents also play a role in this as most parents have difficulties accepting or acknowledging the child’s health problems and are more reluctant to seek professional help.  The tendency of parents to downplay the illness of a child as something minor or the failure to accept the fact that they too may be predisposed or exposed to such illnesses affects the willingness of these parents to seek proper medical help.            In certain cases, the reason for the difficulty of recognizing the existence of a chronic condition in children is due to the fact that some conditions have a tendency to develop more slowly than some condition and therefore become more difficult to diagnose.

  Illnesses such as diabetes, allergies and even lead poisoning do not manifest themselves instantly in the physical attributes of children and are often misdiagnosed at an early stage.  The fact that these chronic illnesses also share many different symptoms with other disorders makes it even more difficult to diagnose them in children at such an early stage.            Parents should always make sure that they regularly monitor the condition of their children and be more receptive to giving their children the medical condition that is required.  A more comprehensive medical history and more information will make the detection of chronic conditions in children much more simpler.

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