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Who Is A Hero Who is a Hero Many kinds of heroes exist, anywhere from superman to George Bush. In our society, heroes can be described in many different ways. There are two kinds of heroes, the ones of the silver screen, and the true hero. Silver screen heroes are the ones that make the big money, and make impressions on people that they are heroes. These heroes only care about how much money they make and themselves. True heroes are the ones who put their life on the line everyday to save people.

Many people think that there are not lots of true heroes but we see them everyday. The media misleads our society by glamorized acts that are seen in the media when actually heroes earn that status through courageous and honorable acts. Many of us have a role model or hero in our life, but are actors and athletics really role models or heroes I can understand why some people look at the stars of our society as heroes, simply because the accomplishments that they have made.

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