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While reading on the internet for some engine oil recommendations for my Royal Enfield Himalayan, I ended up on a thread that I still can’t stop drooling over. I clearly remember, I was reading the benefits of the Castrol POWER1 engine oil and how it keeps the bike’s engine power-charged for superb acceleration performance, I happen to accidentally click on a thread that read “the most expensive bikes in the world”. We all do come across such threads and we know there’s nothing we can really image us of buying (well, at least most of us) but what the heck! Just like you would, I, too did continued to read the post as obviously, it was not gonna cost me any pretty penny! Here’s what was on the list:3. Ecosse ES1 – $3.6 MillionCrafted by UK’s F1 engineers Richard Glover, Andy le Fleming and Richard Tyrrell, the Ecosse ES1 superbike sports a V4 four stroke engine with a total power output of 200 HP and 189.84 Nm of torque. Priced at $3.6 Million, the bike is highly customisable and sports breathtaking features such as a frameless chassis, carbon fibre construction and a set of unique suspension that helps in achieving the top speed of 370.1 Km/hour. Fanboys, start saving right away!   2. AJS Porcupine E90 – $7 MillionA complete open frame, 500cc DOHC twin engine with horizontal cylinders, “Jam-Pot” shocks and a Teledraulic race forks along with a rich history of winning racetrack as well as through the Cold War period, this $7 Million motorbike is a collector’s dream as just 4 of these were produced and only one survives in a museum.1. Neiman Marcus Limited Edition Fighter –  $11 millionHonoured with the title of being World’s Most Expensive Motorbike, this mean looking bike sports a 120ci 45-degree angular air-cooled V-Twin engine and can do a top speed of over 300 KM/hour. The bike has been carved out from a single piece of metal whereas the body parts make use of titanium, aluminium along with carbon fibre and only 45 of these will be made available. The straight out of comic strip design, custom braking system with a host of high-tech gadgets are some of the “humble” features of this superbike.Tags: castrol, castrol engine oil, castrol POWER1 engine oil, engine oil for two wheeler, most expensive bikes,

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