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Whether you are looking to get away from a monotonous week at work or are simply after the ultimate massage chair, you cannot look past the highly coveted Osaki OS 4000T massage chair. Incorporating 6 different massaging techniques, including: Shiatsu, Swedish,Rolling,Clapping and Combo, this massage chair opens up endless possibilities to appease your aching back and bones. Indeed, The Osaki OS 4000T provides the best value for every cent of its low price and evidently it caters perfectly to those that are seeking a mid-range, affordable chair.In writing this, we hope to assist you in making an informed opinion on this massage chair by targeting key aspects of the chair which include, but are not limited to: the pros,cons, features, specs and much more, whilst providing detailed customer reviews of our own. If you are unable to continue reading this review please bookmark this page and return at a later date, meanwhile to get an update on the latest market price for this product, simply hit the button below.thrive_text_block color=”green” headline=””You can skip ahead to any particular area of interest about this massage chair via the links menu below:Quick Glance Main FeaturesThe Osaki OS-4000T Basic Product SpecsModel Pros Vs ConsA Closer Look At The Osaki OS-4000T’s Main FeaturesFeedback From Customers Who Bought The Osaki OS-4000TAre There Any Problems With The Osaki OS-4000T Model?The Best Places To Purchase The Osaki OS-4000T OnlineVideos Of The Osaki OS-4000TImage GalleryCommon Questions About This ModelConclusion/thrive_text_blockdivider style=’centered’Quick Glance Main Featuresdivider style=’centered’thrive_text_block color=”green” headline=””Here’s the main feature list for The Osaki OS 4000T, feel free to click on any of the features listed below to read up on more details about each feature (where applicable):    Wireless controls via a compact remote    Arm air massagers    State of the art design    Lower back heat therapy set-up    2-step zero gravity availability/thrive_text_blockdivider style=’centered’The Osaki OS-4000T Basic Product Specsdivider style=’centered’thrive_text_block color=”blue” headline=””Here’s an overview of the basic specs for this particular model:    Full Product Name: Osaki OS-4000T    Model Number: OS-4000T    Rated Power Voltage: 110-120V    Rated Power Frequency: 50/60 Hz    Total Weight: 255 lbs    Major Body Dimensions: 52L x 31W x 34H (inches)    Vertical Size: 38L x 25W x 15H (inches)    Length Of Power Chord: 2.

1 meters    Length of Controller Chord: 1.2 meters    Battery requirements: Lithium metal batteries needed for functionality    /thrive_text_blockdivider style=’centered’Model Pros Vs Consdivider style=’centered’thrive_text_block color=”green” headline=””Pros    Durable and effective airbags    Simple remote control functionality    Variable program selections    Equipped with a unique pause buttonCons    Much louder compared to other chairs due to compressors    More adjusted to people who are between 5’2″ and 6’0″    Calf massagers are reportedly overly forceful/thrive_text_blockdivider style=’centered’A Closer Look At The Osaki OS-4000T’s Main Featuresdivider style=’centered’divider style=’left’Wireless controls via a compact remotedivider style=’left’At first glance or for those with little experience, many of the buttons on the main control system may appear to be obsolete, however in due time it will be obvious that there is another mini remote control embedded within that functions wireless and is very simple to use.Although, the wireless remote is in itself quite compact, rest assured the display illustrations are large enough to allow seamless transitions and access to any of the 6 massaging styles or 5 levels of speed/intensity that you will quickly acclimate to.This wireless remote also comes in rather handy in the recline position so you don’t have to flounder to reach the main controls whilst lying down.

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divider style=’left’Arm air massagersdivider style=’left’This massage chair houses a total of 46 airbags that provide relief not only for the arms but also the seat, back, shoulders, neck and hips. That’s a whopping difference of 8 airbags between The Osaki OS-4000T and its predecessor( The Osaki OS 4000). These airbags not only enhance the experience of the zero gravity program but also massage your entire body extensively by compression, the intensity of which can be adjusted with a single tap of a button. It’s that simple!divider style=’left’State of the art designdivider style=’left’The Osaki OS-4000T is ergonomically charged to deliver the most effective health benefits whilst providing lasting refreshment for the body of the user. Through revolutionary engineering Osaki has introduced unrivaled comfort and efficiency to the user through the S-track design that seeks to follow the natural sinusoidal curvature of the human spine. Inadvertently this has resulted in what some may call the ‘perfect human massage experience’.divider style=’left’Lower back heat therapy set-updivider style=’left’With low prices comes regress. Such is the case for this massage chair, especially for the two lacklustre heat pads, positioned in the lower back area that do very little to enhance the massage experience.

Rather, they seem to be just another note-worthy point on an already sub-par chair.divider style=’left’2-step zero gravity availabilitydivider style=’left’Unlike many other chairs that only boast a 30 degree seat tilt, The Osaki OS-4000T touts a second zero gravity stance, which is put simply, a deeper recline. This concept has received a great amount of publicity in recent times and for good reason too. The purpose of the zero gravity mechanism is to situate the feet above the heart to ease the compression of the spinal cord.Essentially it serves to relax the neck, increase circulation of blood and blood oxygen levels in the body. The program serves to provide an intensely invigorating massage.

Osaki’s willingness to go that extra step further to add uniqueness to this unit and gain the upper edge over some other massage chairs is sure to be one of , if not its main selling point.VIDEO MAYBE?divider style=’centered’Feedback From Customers Who Bought The Osaki OS-4000Tdivider style=’centered’To this day, most customers seem fairly happy with this product, with 55% of them supplying a stellar 5/5 stars rating. Additionally, a further 27% of the customers have provided a 4/5 review. Nonetheless, there are a measly but important 9% of customers rating the chair a worrying 1/5 or 2/5, bringing the total of dissatisfied customer to a concerning total of 18%.Fret not however, most of these negative reviews are only in regards to the poor customer service provided by Osaki in terms of delivery or the mediocre installation instructions. The latter problem is due in large part to the poor English translations provided in the manuals as a consequence of the company being Japanese, which is still, in no way a reason for exoneration from their incompetency in this matter. And of course, there are always the customers that have been unfortunate enough to receive a faulty chair.

A closer look:The positives-Overall the positive ratings come to a total of 82%, which should give you a rough indication of how well this chair does its job. In accordance with these ratings, customers are delighted to report that this chair does everything and then some to offer you the ultimate relaxation in an all-in-one package at a very low price.The general consensus seems to be due to its varying features that all coalesce to deliver a soothing, utopian yet human experience with its cutting edge design and technology, as detailed above. As a result this chair has been able to provide endless but consistent relief for the ‘ol bones’ everyday to keep the people happy and refreshed.The negatives-For what it’s worth, there isn’t much to say in terms of drawbacks for The Osaki OS 4000T. Most of the reviews seem to vary from person to person. Some believe the rollers could be a bit larger, whereas others think the shoulders pads are difficult to setup and that the arraignments could use improvement.

However, this inconsistency may only be present due to the small sample space but in general the problems stem from only certain ‘faulty’ chairs or the Osaki company customer service itself.Strangely enough, although listed as a con the 5’2″ and 6’0″ size constraint hasn’t affected the customers on Amazon as much but we suppose its just an indication of the customer demographic Osaki has so obviously, thoroughly thought through. We have to  hand it to them, Osaki has outdone themselves in this aspect.For those of you that are outside of this size range it might be worthwhile considering other options.thrive_link color=’orange’ link=” target=’_blank’ size=’medium’ align=’aligncenter’See The Reviews From Others Who Bought The Ideal Shiatsu Massage Chair On Amazon/thrive_linkdivider style=’centered’Are There Any Problems With The Osaki OS-4000T Model?divider style=’centered’As already mentioned above, there is little to say in terms of imperfections concerning this product. Although, it would be remiss of us to claim that this chair is perfect because quite frankly, its not.

One of the main issues, among its plethora of other issues, is the Osaki OS 4000T’s outright failure to fulfill its purpose; to provide a pleasing,soothing experience for the consumer. In doing so it fails to lend justice to its name as a massage chair by consistently releasing a low murmur upon beginning the massage, which may be due to the motors or compressors.Furthermore, the absence of the customary 3-D massage rollers, presumably as a result of the cheap price tag, may warrant indecision in those of you that prefer a deeper, more intense massage than the medium intensity level offered by Osaki’s OS 4000T.From what we have gathered, it also seems that the presence of ‘faulty’ chairs is quite high, some of which have issues with functionality including inoperable rollers or airbags.divider style=’centered’The Best Places To Purchase The Osaki OS-4000T Onlinedivider style=’centered’With over 300 million active users as of 2017, net sales totalling USD136 billion as of 2016 and consuming 80% of its customer base every month, is undoubtedly THE best eCommerce website of the present and likely the distant future. Amazon caters for any and all well-heeled clientele looking to purchase items that are delivered safely, packaged well and require ongoing customer satisfaction.

It’s almost guaranteed that your security and service will not be compromised when dealing with such a prominent market, the likes of which Amazon provides.Feel free to click the link below to visit Amazon and buy now. They also periodically supply special offers and product promotions, which allow for potential buyers to receive reimbursement through 12 month financing and much more.

So watch out for those!thrive_link color=’orange’ link=” target=’_blank’ size=’medium’ align=’aligncenter’Click Here To See The Current Price For The Ideal On Amazon/thrive_linkdivider style=’centered’Videos Of The Osaki OS-4000Tdivider style=’centered’To help give you a further idea of how The Osaki OS 4000T will look and feel in real life, here’s some video footage of the chair.responsive_video type=’youtube’ hide_related=’1′ hide_logo=’1′ hide_controls=’1′ hide_title=’1′ hide_fullscreen=’1′ autoplay=’0’ style=’centered’Image Gallerydivider style=’centered’divider style=’centered’Common Questions About This Modeldivider style=’centered’thrive_text_block color=”teal” headline=””For those of you that may have further doubts about this product, we have compiled a list of common questions that have been circulating among the customer base.

Have a look below and see if we can’t answer your questions!divider style=’left’What kind of door will this chair fit through?divider style=’left’Before assembly this chair will come in two boxes with the armrests detached so it will easily fit through a standard 30″ door.divider style=’left’Where is this chair manufactured?divider style=’left’Currently, Luraco’s Irobotics i7 is the only massage chair built in the USA. Along with the exceptions of Osaki’s other products: Osaki JP Premium 4.0, Osaki JP Premium 4S, Osaki OS-4D Pro JP, which are built in Japan, every other massage chair including The Osaki OS 4000T is engineered and convened in China.divider style=’left’What is the warranty on this massage chair? Can it be extended?divider style=’left’Osaki provides a 3 year stock warranty on all models of this chair. If desired, customers may also receive an extended warranty of two years on the parts and a four year extension on the labor costs for a fee of $240. The stock standard warranty covers both the cost of parts and labor.

divider style=’left’Does the purchase include installation on delivery?divider style=’left’The standard delivery method with free postage entails delivery of two unassembled boxes on the curb, without installation. Although, it is touted by customers that the chair itself is easy to fix, the use of two adults is recommended.Amazon also provides a ‘white glove delivery option’ which assumes that the chair is fitted upon delivery. This alternative requires a fee of $179.divider style=’left’How long is the pre-programmed massage timing?divider style=’left’A single non-stop massage runs for 30 minutes max. This can be used as much as deemed necessary, although there is an option for manual programming.divider style=’left’What type of input does the main control require?divider style=’left’Both the handheld controller and the main control facilitate button input, to which they respond with digital display.

Unfortunately, the choice of touch input is not available with this massage chair, quite a shame really .divider style=’left’What are my colour choices?divider style=’left’Osaki has intuitively produced four different colour variations of this chair, instead of the typically available black and brown. This chair is sold in black, brown, charcoal and cream./thrive_text_block divider style=’centered’Conclusion – Is The Product Worth Buying?divider style=’centered’Conclusion Rant.thrive_link color=’orange’ link=” target=’_blank’ size=’medium’ align=’aligncenter’Click Here To See The Current Price On Amazon/thrive_link

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