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When you break down the BFS, CrossFit, and HIT training methods all three are going to have their pro and cons. With the BFS method it’s based around bettering every aspect of the trainee because all workouts are full body, helps increase strength, speed, jumping, agility, endurance, flexibility and helps injury prevention. However the cons are simple and fixable such as bad form or technique, as well as over training but both can be avoided. In regards to the 7 laws it hits 5 of them which is really good. Now the CrossFit method seems to be based on powerlifting, aerobic exercises, body weight, and Olympic lifting techniques. While this method helps increase strength, endurance, mental toughness, minimizing overuse injuries it also builds camaraderie with the class environment. The downsides though are significant in the fact there are a lot of injuries due to improper technique and form, builds a dangerous environment, lack of communication between trainer and trainee, and unsafe choices in lifts. Now in terms of the 7 principles it hits barely 2 of them and just isn’t the best approach for new trainees. The last method would be the HIT method and to be honest there isn’t much science to back this one up nor is there a real program to follow. It states you having to focus on slow methodical reps with about 1-3 sets per body part while consistently staying at a high level of tension in the contractions as well as intensity level. Regarding the 7 laws if training it hits 3 which isn’t all that better than the CrossFit honestly plus you have to be sure you’re focusing hitting those 3 laws or you won’t achieve them. In terms of my own goals I am highly likely to follow the BFS method of training due to the fact I want to build strength but I also want to stay athletic enough to play sports and stay injury free. One big area of improvement for me would be flexibility and one of the areas this method incorporates.

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