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When mentees were encouraging to try new business endeavor or strategy, they felt they have the potential to improve themselves. This motivation provided them with the strengths they needed to try new things and develop their basis skills and improve their work environment.   When mentees use a mentoring strategy that was not effective, they were informed by their mentors to consider environment and situations that could motivate them to make such a decision so that they would be less likely to make similar decisions in the future.


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 This paper explained the articles that were used for this literature review. This paper also discussed how the articles were located. One of the common themes across the article is open mindedness. St-Jean (2012) noted that one of the most important skills that is effective is having the ability to keep an open mind. Norman (2012) noted that we all come to the mentoring table with our own thoughts, our own value system, and our own prejudices. Latham, Ford, and Tzabbar (2012) stated that the purpose of mentoring is to transform not only the mentored, but also the mentor. Collins et al. (2014) mentioned that for mentoring to occur, everyone needs to open their minds to new ways of thinking. It is not always easy, and it will likely be an ongoing process throughout the mentoring relationship.

Another theme that emerged across the articles is listening. Norman (2012) noted that participants felt that their mentors actively listened to them during mentoring sessions. Blood et al. (2012) pointed out that during morning session, mentors are focused on what the manatee is saying, and they reinforce what the mentee is saying by offering nonverbal cues, such as eye contact and nodding their head. Both mentors and mentees need to engage in active listening with one another. Another theme that emerged was honesty.  Ryan, Goldberg, and Evans (2010) mentioned that their mentors were honest with them and they were prepared to hear honest answers (or to deliver honest answers). St-Jean (2012) noted that it is not always easy to be completely honest, but it is important. Another theme that emerged was deep reflection and self-awareness. Collins et al. (2014) explained that mentors and mentees took time to reflect on what they were discussing. Norman (2012) noted that taking time to reflect, however, can help people avoid knee-jerk reactions and, instead, help each other grow.




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