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 When it comes to the role of films and theirinfluence on modern society, it’s about predicting how movies can portrayreality, what makes the movie is the reality, that is trends, people and life experiences. Film reflect society, both present and the past, they mouldstories and can communicate to a mass audience, and these are just some of thefew fundamental reasons why movies have become so global.

“So how much hascinema grown to become such a preeminent part of the human culture? “Shah, V (2011).  The film industry has grownrapidly since its inception in the early 1900s. Edictive. (2013). Over theyears, it has gained the attention of every culture, from every part of theworld. Films have the power to control the viewer’s opinions or sway them oneway or another.

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Similarly, the media works in the same way, the influence ofthe mass media can be either positive or negative everyone reacts differently.   During the 1920s five majorstudios were bought to life from the Hollywood area, the manifestation ofcinema bought an experience that was both simulating and out of this world.These studios included Metro Goldwyn Mayer, Paramount, Warner Brother, 20thCentury Fox and RKO radio. Edictive. (2013). The growth helped develop movieviewings and overall popularity within the film industries and the many formsof entertainment. “The growing question is why are movies considered to be amass communication medium and in what ways? Also does a sudden rise in thepopularity of movies impact all viewer’s opinions around the world?” Edictive.

(2013). The article ‘Influence ofFilm on Modern Society’, demonstrates how the word ‘mass’ fits perfectlyinto the description of filmmaking, because it can ‘mass communicate’ a meaningand a message to a large audience. As a result, this raises the status of allmovie genres. Movies educate us and penetrate ethical values which we experience.These movies reflect on a society, showing people what they want to see andimitating life itself, appeals to a whole rather than a minority; movies of anygenre serve a purpose no matter how long lasting the effect will be.  Once we delve into the cinematic experience we are engaged withthe simulant ‘seeing a movie on the big screen’ Edictive.

(2013). Sitting in adarkened theatre is the medium effect of an unforgettable experience. Thatallows us to be a part of the movie and become disengaged with the outsideworld, to engage with intangible ‘cinematic experience’. A film example thatrelates to this simulating experience would be ‘The City of God’, Edictive.

(2013). This movie specifically delves into the hardship of people in theeveryday. This is a prime example of how movies can be learning tools and eyeopeners appealing to the segment of the masses. We consume, interact and learnfrom the messages they visually communicate. 

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