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Wheatgrass Juice is an amazingly nutrient dense food. Only 2oz of Wheatgrass Juice equals five pounds of green vegetables. Wheatgrass Juice has all of the 102vitamins, minerals, amino-acids, enzymes and nutrients the body needs to be healthy and strong. Wheatgrass Juice is an easily digestible living food with the life force still pulsating in it.OXYGEN | Wheatgrass Juice is mostly chlorophyll and when consumed it will boost the hemoglobin production and help the body carry more oxygen in the blood. Wheatgrass Juice builds red blood cells and activates white blood cells, which cleans the blood and boosts the body’s immune system. Since Wheatgrass Juice is so rich in chlorophyll, ingesting it is an efficient way to get this power and energy of the sun into our bodies.

ENZYMES | Wheatgrass Juice is high in digestive enzymes that are the building blocks of the immune system. When you remove the pulp from the juice your body is able to utilize the enzymes more efficiently. Wheat grass juice contains both digestive enzymes and systemic enzymes.ALKALINE | Wheatgrass Juice is very alkaline helping the body to maintain a slightly alkaline pH when consumed. The body will maintain a pH of around 7.

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4 and the Wheatgrass Juice helps the body to achieve this goal. Disease is not found in an alkaline environment.DETOXIFIER | Wheatgrass Juice is the strongest detoxifier on Earth, purifying the blood of heavy metals, all toxic deposits, cleansing the colon and strengthening the immune system.

PURE | Wheatgrass Juice is Gluten Free, Sugar Free, Fat Free and Pesticide & Herbicide Free. It is great for people with Diabetes, Celiac Disease, Obesity, or any diagnosis.ENERGY | With a 2oz Wheatgrass Juice Shot from City Shop Café you will go throughout your day with more energy. With Wheatgrass Juice we detox and give our cells the necessary nutrients that will make our body stronger and more energetic.Drink 2oz of Wheatgrass Juice on an empty stomach preferably first thing in the morning, every morning.Nutrition Coach & Health Consultant • Tom Whitmire • [email protected]

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