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“What’s the world coming to when you
can’t leave your house for five minutes without someone trying to break in and
rob you?” The struggling people think we have until now helped to find a
solution to the light of the problem that humankind is in. Somebody’s struggle
is ones written headline, and professional opinions given are misinterpreted,
leaving the people with a golden silence that the people have built. Likewise,
as individuals, it is time to make a change in the investment of humanities
advancement. As Archivist, undoubtedly, technology and human resources should
be invested into the right places to assure humanities advancement within

A teacher’s job in the correlation with
the student is to work smarter, not harder: buried papers, grading papers,
collecting and distributing work, to the students. Responsibilities have become
stressful and overbearing. Correspondingly, the pinacol issue that teachers
were having was the amount of extensive paperwork; the solution, as a result,
was to go with a paperless classroom. The future and education technology
conference, expounds upon this issue. “The tradition of desk in rows in
a teacher-directed classroom is inhibiting our progress to address is not about
decorating- it is about having conversations about purpose and intentionality.”
What is important to this point is designing and learning to appeal the student
rather than what was cultivated from the book. In the same fashion, it is
important to design a modern education space for the student to ensure academic
success. Crafting a curriculum, which stimulates students and prepares them for
college and careers opportunities. Using Dr. Linda Elder and Dr. Richard Paul’s
The Thinker’s Guide to Analytic Thinking,
the elements of thought reveal the intellectual standards that critical
thinkers access of a purpose or goal.

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Following this, the importance of
religious ethnicity is what keeps the people in hope. However, we must respect
another man’s religious affiliation. The Christian Century, examination of
religion raises questions about religious variation and whether we can accept
it. “The challenge is to live together with our deepest beliefs, not without
them. The admirable effort to avoid exclusive policies can become itself
exclusive by setting up its own definitive judgment about what true religion
is” (7). In a like manner, Nicholas Rescher Realism about Political Philosophy,
effectively conveys the public’s endeavors to accept the “general good”. Bring
problems to society in the result of our opinion on different topics and
variations. Aaron Tang’s Reverse Political Process Theory, challenges the political
process of constitutional interpretation of the ideas conveyed to discrete
minority groups entitlement to a heightened judicial attentiveness. In referencing Dr. Linda
Elder and Dr. Richard Paul’s using the
Art of Asking Essential Questions, individuals should ask what can be done
to close the gap between religion and politics? As a result,
for both religion and politics to co-exist will be to design a system of proper
balance, both weighing religion and politics equally. In
using Dr.
Linda Elder and Dr. Richard Paul’s
The Thinker’s Guide to Fallacies: The Art
of Mental Trickery and Manipulation, shows that the people need to
avoid extremes and put aside preconceived bias of topics and ideas without
knowing cultural understanding or logic behind reasoning (47-49).                                                                                                                                                                                        

Furthermore, the social accepts in
sociology and how cultural constructivist has view the haphazardly human
cultural expression. In using Simone Schoch, Jana
Nikitin, Alexandra M. Freund Why do(n’t)
you like me? The role of social approach and avoidance motives in attributions
following social acceptance and rejection, “people are more likely to attribute them to internal (vs.
external) and general (vs. variable-specific) causes. In doing so, people attemptMCM1 
to maintain a consistent sense of themselves and the world. Causal attributions
thereby operate as a self-verification process (Alden 1986). Social avoidance
motives, in turn, are characterized by generalized expectations of negative
social situations (e.g., ”I cannot behave in a way that results in others
liking me,” or ”Social situations are mostly negative”) that people try to avoid”
(689). Comparatively, it is important to have social acceptance of other peer
groups. Findings within, Why do(n’t) you
like me? The role of social approach and avoidance motives in attributions
following social acceptance and rejection, conveys the idea that an increasing
strength of social approach motives and decreasing of social avoidance motives will
have a positive effect on following social acceptance and rejection. The
increasing people’s social satisfaction will create a social interruption
within both peer groups, creating an approach to avoidance motives. In
contrast, if interventions only aim to increase the strength of approach
motives, the negative effects of negative social situations, such as
experiencing isolation and rejection, cannot be satisfied. In accordance with interventions,
only aim to decrease the strength of avoidance motives, the public might not be
able to acknowledge the positive effects of positive social interactions, such
as compatibility, love, and acceptance. Once again, referencing Richard Paul
and Linda Elder’s Critical Thinking
Concept and Tools, shows the humanities ability to decipher intellectual
traits such as: humility over arrogance, courage over cowardice, and empathy
over narrow-mindedness (14). Although the human cultural expression is
different for each person, one cannot exist without the other. Religion is
meant to teach us true spiritual human character. Radhanath Swami once said “It
is meant for self-transformation. It is meant to transform anxiety into peace,
arrogance and humility, envy into compassion, to awaken the pure soul in man
and his love for the Source, which is God.” As was stated before, we simply
cannot live without the wonders to become better people. It is what drives us
away from solace but, become better individuals, we must own up to our mistakes
and invest our time into making a change for the now and the future.

Given these points, the world vastly
interconnected then it was in the past. We need to push these global
implantations to advance society into a better direction and, avant-garde into
thinking about the now and the future for the next generation.


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