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What we already know about biophilic design is
that it can help reduce stress levels, enhance creativity, improve our overall
well bring and expedite healing, as the world continues to urbanize, these
qualities are ever more important to us today. Research scientists and design
practitioners have been working for over decades to define aspects of nature
that can satisfy us within the built environment. The “14 Patterns of Biophilic
Design” report suggest the relationship between nature and the design of the
built environment can give us humans benefits of biophilia in our design


In this critical report, I will
be exploring the various ways that suggests that there is a connection between
humans and the natural world. Considering how the idea that nature can have a
positive impact on our learning abilities and general wellbeing actually be
applied. That being said, the main area I want to focus on is the general
wellbeing of students as studies have demonstrated that biophilic design in
educational spaces can improve performances and wellbeing’s of both staff and
students. I want to be able to unravel ways that can promote and bring this
idea and prove how beneficial it can be in different ways through applying biophilic

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The initial idea I want to bring
on surface is to design an educational centre that incorporates biophilic
principles within our learning area. I want to consider the use of space for a
more greener appearance and calmer sustainable method. Also considering the use
of colour, space, materials and patterns that can represent biophilic design
through these simple attributes which will over all improve the mood, comfort
and working ability of both student and staff.


The design area I will be
focusing on is “Biophilic Design” which basically translate to, love of life.
Biophilic design is a representation of architectural and interior design which
incorporates and mimics nature due to our evolutionary history. Research has shown
us that spending time in nature has a positive psychological effect. Which to these
effects could be recreated with the uses of the indoor environments which are
high in nature and nature inspired features.

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