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What were the basic Puritan beliefs and values?The first basic Puritan belief is total depravity which to the Puritans meant that humans were capable of committing any crime and were sinful. They believed that people were susceptible to give in to their flesh. The second basic Puritan belief is the concept of unconditional election, which to them is predestination. They thought that being a member of the church was not enough to be selected for salvation by God. Limited atonement is the third basic Puritan belief that meant that though Jesus died on the cross to save us from our sins, it wasn’t to save everyone from their sins, that there were only a select amount of people that would receive salvation. Irresistible grace is the fourth basic belief. Puritans thought that when one is selected to gain salvation that they couldn’t resist the grace of God. Lastly, the fifth basic belief is the perseverance of the saints meant that once one is chosen for salvation, that they can never depart from it. This person would also be able to comprehend the Word and not be tempted by their flesh or other evils (“What Were the Five Basic Puritan Beliefs?”, is predestination? What role did this play in Puritan society?Predestination is God determining things to happen ahead of time. As stated by the scriptures, God has already predetermined that some people would be saved. This played a role of Puritan society because it was an exclusive group of people that were chosen to have eternal salvation. These people were able to understand the Word of God and resist temptation of sin (“What is predestination? Is predestination biblical?”, did the Puritans value education?The Puritans valued education highly as they thought that to be illiterate was an attempt from satan to keep people away from God and the Word. They created laws so that every child should learn to read. In learning, they intermixed the scripture with the alphabet. They also paid special attention to teach children about fearing sin, the punishment of God and that every person will die (“New England Primer”, was the tool Puritans used to teach their children? In addition to the alphabet, what else was taught using this tool?The tool Puritans used to teach their children is religion by use of the scriptures. Besides the alphabet, they also taught them about the Lord’s prayer and other religious principles. In this, they used a book where they wrote down things like a Q & A and the alphabet with drawings they wrote examples that related back to religion.How were the Puritan beliefs reflected in the laws of Massachusetts? Look in particular at the punishments.The Puritans beliefs were reflected in the laws of Massachusetts as shown that they were based off of the Old Testament in the colonies. They didn’t like the Quakers however, as they could be executed and they also had anti-Quaker laws in place. They were also not very keen on people defying them.

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