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What Qualities Do You Want In The Person You Marry What Qualities Do You Want In The Person You MarryMate selection is a difficult task. There are many qualities that I think are necessary for my future husband to possess. Generally he should be warm, caring, sincere and appreciative. However I feel that love and commitment are the two most important qualities I desire.In my opinion, the secret to a successful marriage must involve both love and commitment.

Love is a combination of intimacy and most of all friendship. However, there must first be the establishment of trust and respect. Commitment is equally important. In my opinion, marriages that are based on commitment are the ones that last longer. Commitment is responsibility and loyalty which is easier maintained with commonality or a shared value system, attitude about life, traditions, customs, ethics, religion, and morals.Both Love and commitment take time to develop. It can take months or years to fully develop.

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Commitment will keep the relationship for a very long time or forever, while love goes through various phases that cannot sustain a relationship alone. Commitment must be there too.My potential mate should compliment my style and I his. It cannot commitment, relationship, love, friendship, mate, good, potential, person, must, develop, should, necessary, important, friend, cannot, trust, qualities, leads, each, both, because, although, act, about, understanding, traditions, time, think, take, successful, sincere, romantic, responsibility, respect, realize

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