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What Makes America Great?

What makes America great? We all say that America is great, but we all don’t ever say why. Have you ever compared our country to any other? If so, did you see the tremendous difference in the way people are treated and the way they act there vs. in America? I believe that a person’s own rights and freedoms is what makes America great. Some particular things that make America great are freedom, opportunities and organization. These particular things make America great, because of what they have to offer the world. Americans are proud of all the qualities they provide for us. People of America can speak critically of their own government, women can walk proud and fearless, and our government was designed to be corrected as society goes through changes.

Great Things about America

When compared with the rest of the world, America’s social structure, political power, and the acceptance of religious freedom are vastly different than other countries. For example, when America had its “Revolution”, we had no turn over of power or switching of governments, whereas the great revolutions in England, France, and China all had major changes in power. America’s unique culture began with the desire for spiritual freedom and the ability to prosper in the New World.

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People in other countries such as Communism China and Afghanistan never venture to express their ideas to anyone about their own political system or their own country because it is known that there will be serious consequences that will follow. Yet in America, the constitution amendments give us the right to freedom of speech. We have a right to criticize our political system and the people who run it as well as anything else that come to our minds. We will not be ticketed, thrown in jail, beaten, or worse yet killed for what we choose to say.

The majority of immigrants coming to the new world brought with them the 17th century heritage of a middle class Englishmen. The English immigrants were very religious and were looking for a place where they could support the natural rights of man, a representative government, and where there were constitutional limitations. In England these beliefs went against the teachings of the church, the monarchy and the aristocracies, this is what sparked the beginning of the English revolution. But in America these exact ideas and values are what has made us into what we are today, they united our country and they are what are modern day constitution is molded after. Americans came with hopes of establishing a better Nation without the restraints of the Monarchy and the Upper Class.

But why did these concepts work in America and not in England? The English settlers had the unique privilege to start over on a fresh sheet of paper. America did not have an established social class or a church with sufficient power to rule the country. There was no peasantry in America nor were there any upper class citizens to look down upon everyone else. In America everyone was equal.

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