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What Are the Risks of Bytecoin?Before you invest onany coin, you should made someconsultations and obtain advice so as to decide if the potential returns onyour investment overweighs the risks.

Historic performance and success stories do not guarantee the future returns incryptocurrencies trading. Generally, investing in Cryptocurrencies are highlyspeculative and involves significant risks such as vulnerability to hacking,highly volatile and capital loss. Bytecoins distinguish itself from other cryptocurrenciesin terms of security, financial privacy andprotection. Bytecoins Investment is like other cryptocurrency or foreignexchange investment. You purchase your BCN when the price is low and sell theprice appreciates.

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Historically, Bytecoin price fluctuates regularly and youcan never be sure of the actual price. You experience increase in price today and decrease in price tomorrow. Thisinstability has created fears in the heart of traders and this has madeinvestors/traders to be inquisitive on what the “Risks of Bytecoin” entailsbefore joining Bytecoin. Below are some risk associated with Bytecoin.

Danger of losing the private keys: Private keys which arealso known as secret keys is an integral component of cryptography that is usedwith an algorithms to decrypt and encryptcode. It allows a user to have access to his or her cryptocurrency. It securitybuild up help user to protect their wallet from unauthorized access to theirfunds and theft.

All cryptocurrencies including Bytecoin rely on the digitalwallets that store the secret keys. Users may lose access to their wallets ifthey forget or lose their passcode to their wallet. This is one of the reasonswhy users should are advice to use passcodethat they can easily remember and ensure they are well protected from third party. Digital wallets are not exemptfrom getting lost as well. Users tend to lose their Bytecoins if the computerwith the digital wallet installed get lost together with the wallet or thesmartphone with the wallet is misplaced. Bytecoinscould also get lost if the system storage where the wallet is stored isformatted. In order for users to prevent their bytecoinsand wallets from getting lost, it is essential to have as many backup for your wallet as possible. You mustget yourself updated with your wallet status and maintain it at all time.

Tomake this easy to achieve, you can obtain a lot of hardware drive wallets andkeep one under lock and key either at home or in the bank, and also ensure thatthe computers are in good condition all the time with adequate monitoring.Traders who deals with Bytecoins andother cryptocurrencies always designatesa high performance and standard computer to handle each coin accordingly.CyberAttack: Bytecoin founders argue that their system is well encrypt and therefore, it is not vulnerable tocyber-attack. It will be difficult for any hacker to penetrate easily and stealthe coins of consumers because according to the brain box behind Bytecoin, theprocess will need a lot of costly electricity and the computing power of dataprocessors. They forgotten hackers can explore at any length in order toachieve their aim.

In December 2017, there was a gigantic fraudulentattack on the Bytecoin’s network whichresulted to the heavy loss of consumers’ coins from their respective wallets,exposing the power between the Crypto Note-based coins and damaging theBytecoin network. Bytecoin experienced this cyber-attack in the period when therate of Bytecoin was experiencing greatincrease in its coins. The basis of the Bytecoin software and power of thecryptographical technology which it was designed proved that it’s impossiblefor anyone to attack the network or pilfer someone’s coins. Although,consumers’ couldn’t find their coins in their wallet due to the inability ofthe desktop wallet to synchronize which is as a result of the attack.Risk ofbeing scam: Cryptocurrencies is thelatest in the world now and it is fast moving with publicity that everybodywants to be involved in it. No matter how secured a scheme is, scams will stillthrive especially in the heart of those with little or no knowledge oncryptocurrencies.

Everybody wants to be in the record book of cryptocurrenciesbut most do not understand how the cryptocurrencies work. Some get lured toinvest money with some companies with thepromise that they will get ROI (RETURNS ON INVESTMENT) on their money within short period. Some people register on websitesand started trading just because they want to be part of Bytecoin stories.Hardly can Ponzi schemes be differentiated from cryptocurrencies because thelatter is a wide network and it operates in the highest possible anonymity.Scams can discourage many people from participating in Bytecoin because peopleare sacred of losing their hard earned money to fraud. This can further pulldown the value of Bytecoin and make it irrelevant in the cryptocurrenciesnetwork. Governmentregulations: Cryptocurrencies activities and it operational mode in the worldbusiness market pose a lot of threat to the governments. One of the target ofgovernments is to build up industrial and enterprise growth in order fordividends and income generation to grow but Bytecoin and other cryptocurrencieshas been seen as an antagonist to this target.

Bytecoin activities do notcreate employment opportunities for people because there is no room forintermediary between the seller and the buyer since it activities take placeonline. Transactions charges on Bytecoins are very low because nointermediaries are involved. This trading activities hinder banks fromgenerating income because transactions being made with banks generate multipleripple effects through the bank growth, empowerment, employment, investmentactivities, and tax to the government. The Governments therefore seek a move tomodify cryptocurrencies mode of operation by declaring Bytecoin and othercryptocurrencies a tax asset with the introduction of tax, and also limiting theextent to which Bytecoin operate. This implication of this is that the modern rapid appreciationof Bytecoin and other cryptocurrencies is likely to depreciate and move downthe trend the moment these laws are introduced. Bytecoins will definitely getregulated at long last just like Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) hadfar-reached implications after the 2008/2019 global recession.

In view of this,experts and analysts have advice people not to put all their eggs in one basketwhen they are dealing with Bytecoin network alone. Instead, they should exploreother crypto assets carefully and invest wisely without cutting links with thefiat money.What Happens if Bytecoin Gets Lost?Different reasons are associated with the loss ofBytecoin from owner’s wallet and this may be due to the carelessness from theowner, Bytecoin system malfunctions or fraudulent attack on the Bytecoin walletfrom hackers and scammers. The following are the common ways that people loseBytecoins#Carelessness from the owner: Loss of Bytecoinoccur when the owner of the Bytecoin mistakenly or carelessness link his walletlogin to the public (i.e third parties). This careless act will enhance easypenetration from third parties into the Bytecoin owner’s wallet and theBytecoin can easily be diverted and move away from the wallet. You must ensureyour log in well secured and save from third parties because Bytecoin lost dueto this reason may be difficult to recover.#Bytecoin system malfunctions: This normally occurwhen some software updates occur on your computer.

You may lose your Bytecoin walletin this process but you can still retrieve your coin back to your wallet whenyou reinstall the Bytecoin wallet. Retrieving of coin can be achieve in thefollowing ways.##If your Bytecoins are stored in the wallet thatyou have backup initially, then you can use it this##Also, you can use the Data recovery exercisewhich has to do with recovery from the original wallet. This is possible whendeletion occur from the memory stick/SD card or deletion of a hard disk.

#Fraudulent attack on the Bytecoin wallet from hackersand scammers: Bytecoin owners in possession of coins in their wallets may losetheir coins when there is an attack launch on the Bytecoin system by hackers.This mostly occur when the company security firewall has been broken down orcaptured by the hackers. The company is responsible for the loss of yourBytecoins and you can always file a case against them if their preventivemeasures to refund back your coins fail.Bytecoin RegulationFor any Cryptocurrency to be the future, therewould always be a need for the currency to be fully integrated or utilized bythe dominant financial system and be regulated in some ways so as to provideefficient structure and reliable security. Bytecoin financial system is adispersed network and the basis is such that it provides restraint for the costneeded in the operation of the cryptocurrency. This approach allows theBytecoin financial structure (i.

e system) to regulate the optimal state whenthe operating efficiency of the system is the highest. Bytecoin goal is aimedat developing a financial system that is more efficient than the existing ones andsuch that it provides all the same functions but at a lesser cost for users.Is Bytecoin Legal?Yes, Bytecoin is lawful and accepted in the societyfor business transactions but less than twenty percent of the population in acountry have a clear understanding on Bytecoin and other cryptocurrencies. Thisinadequate knowledge and lack of exposure has created fear and doubt in themind of the people and thus, hinder them from participating in Bytecoin andcryptocurrencies. Several questions hasbeen asked for clarification and enlightenment. Some of these questions include;why is Bytecoin not used as the general currency in all countries since it islawfully accepted? Why are people still scared of cryptocurrencies despite itsdominance in the business market for transaction activities? Although, some countries like United States,European Union, China and others allowed Bytecoin as one of the payment methodswhen making transactions. These countries are far grown in Technology comparedto most African and underdeveloped countries where cryptocurrencies appear likea mystery to them. Bytecoin would have attracted many people if it were to bethe only cryptocurrency in the market but this is not so, because over 500 cryptocurrencies have found their ways in to the market with different technologies.

The government findit difficult to legislate Bytecoin because of its anonymous and tricky nature.The problem associated with cryptocurrencies arethat the crypto chains are mysterious just the same way the identity of thefounders cannot be traced. The BCN founders didn’t reveal their identity till date thusmaking it more complicated for people to know who they are and where they comefrom. This nature of crypto has frustrated that potential declaration ofBytecoin and cryptocurrencies in general as legal or illegal by the Government.Bytecoin is not single-use as most people think.

Aside beingused as currency, it also creates opportunities for people through Mining as ameans of additional and steady income. Bytecoin and other cryptocurrencies seekto explore the positive side of blockchains to shun lagging, and the possibleways of gaining the heart of people in this new era of technologicaladvancement by capitalizing on the flaws, and havoc the current fiat currencieshave caused such as inflation and direct interference. Considering theopportunities that bytecoin have created, most countries will not find itappealing to shut down its actvities. Fiat currencies are designated to specific territories whileBytecoin is bound to the Internet. Hence, it is International by default. ThoughBytecoin is accepted and widely in use today, but the impending governmentregulations could affect the current appcreciative value of Bytecoin and thus,makes its future unpredictable.Bytecoin and Taxes  

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