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What are the steps that can be taken to achieve world peace?


Imagine all the people

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Living life in peace…

You may say I’m a dreamer

But I’m not the only one

I hope someday you’ll join us

And the world will be as one.

—-John Lennon’s song “Imagine”

Since the prehistoric times, people are wishing to live a life
free of worries, fears and exploitation where they can enjoy the true spirit of
life peacefully by experiencing the sense of brotherhood and acceptance of one
another regardless of complexion, ethnicity and creed. But ever since humans
are not only facing different trials and tribulations in their utmost struggle
to come out of this ever ending phase of continuous suppression but also
waiting restlessly for a messiah (waiting for Godot) who can bring them out of
this miserable state of life and let them observe world peace.

World peace is not a
Utopian dream; it is within our grasp. The only thing which is required to transform
this dream into reality is to focus and show seriousness in harmonizing the
world by arousing the sense of equality and humanism among the people. All over
the world, people hanker for peace. Additionally, the leaders and politicians
of the world are trying to achieve world peace, but many difficulties come in
the way. Moreover, there are fears and suspicions among nations. Most of the
countries suspect the motives of aggressive neighbours. The cult of oppression
is one of the main root causes of chaos in different societies which results in
the extreme sense of deprivation that incites people to revolt. The narrow
patriotism, religious fanaticism and military pacts also come in the way of
world peace.

It is a dichotomy;
changing minds is so easy but yet so difficult, even when there is
dire need to launch international as well as regional campaigns to create
awareness among people to practice social values and spiritual virtues to
demolish cultural differences. Social activists and civil societies should come
forward and play a vital to bring the hearts closer to form a universal harmony
which is the sole essence of humanity.

The path to world
peace is found in the simplest of concepts. Before we can have peace we need to be at
peace with ourselves and create awareness in people about this. Einstein said,
if two percent of the people would actively oppose wars, wars would be
eliminated and peace could be observed everywhere. We need to seek out and
incorporate virtues such as tolerance, accountability, gratitude, optimism,
faith and of course love.

To sum up, if we want to achieve peace in our world, we must
start with ourselves, then our families and then our communities. To make
changes in society we must first make changes in ourselves and in our families.
There is no other way as the world out there is made up of what is in here, as Hellen
Kellen once said, “Happiness cannot come
from without. It must come from within.” So where there is happiness, there
is peace and this is what we are seeking for.

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